Res­i­dent fed up with Cover­ley works

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Yvonne Tay­lor is fed up with the con­struc­tion at The Vil­lages at Cover­ley in Christ Church.

Tay­lor, who re­sides west of The Vil­lages, said since con­struc­tion be­gan on that par­tic­u­lar sec­tion five years ago, her life has been in tur­moil.

When work re­sumed in July on ac­com­mo­da­tion for the off­shore med­i­cal school, Ross Univer­sity, the sit­u­a­tion got much worse, she said.

“Now they are build­ing, it’s caus­ing even more prob­lems. The trucks are go­ing by fast and kick­ing up dust ev­ery minute. So we up here drown­ing in dust. I went and asked the trucks if they could just slow down be­cause they’re just coat­ing us in dust; the man just coated us more,” she said.

Tay­lor said she had en­coun­tered prob­lem after prob­lem from on­set of the project, ex­plain­ing that when the dig­ging started it led to mil­li­pedes in the garage.

“I’m talk­ing like three [hun­dred] to six hun­dred a day. They promised they were go­ing to spray and I’m still wait­ing. I spray ev­ery cou­ple of days. I have my grand­chil­dren here; I can’t have those mil­li­pedes around. One of my grand­chil­dren picks them up be­cause he sees ev­ery­one clear­ing them. In ad­di­tion to that, we have cen­tipedes, frogs, rats, it’s a huge is­sue,” she added.

Worked all night

Two days ago, said Tay­lor, the work­ers worked through the night, with­out prior no­tice, us­ing flood­lights, so the house was bright all night.

In ad­di­tion, said the frus­trated res­i­dent, some of her ap­pli­ances have been de­stroyed by the dust.

“My lawn mower blew up be­cause of the dust. My freezer has gone bum, my lap­top is all dirt. All my elec­tri­cals are shot. I can’t let the chil­dren play out­side; I can’t do any type of wash­ing. They don’t work when the rain falls, but I can’t wash when the rain falls either.”

She noted that in the ini­tial stages, man­age­ment at Cover­ley had of­fered some com­pen­sa­tion for the dam­aged ap­pli­ances.

“When they first started clear­ing, we had a short meet­ing and they gave me half the money to fix half of what [was bro­ken]. To get on with it and to be done, I took it. But now they’re back and they are worse than be­fore. They are so rude to me now,” she added.

Tay­lor stressed that she had no prob­lem with the stu­dents com­ing, but wanted those in­volved with the project to lis­ten to her prob­lems and take ac­tion.

“My main is­sue is the noise, dust and the dis­re­spect. They’re so rude and dis­re­spect­ful. Ev­ery­time I go to try to talk to them, it’s noth­ing,” she said.

When a Week­end Na­tion team vis­ited the of­fices at Cover­ley, gen­eral man­ager of Hous­ing Con­cepts SRL, Anna Clarke, de­clined com­ment and di­rected all ques­tions to con­trac­tors C.O. Wil­liams Con­struc­tion Com­pany.

How­ever, calls to that of­fice went unan­swered.

The con­struc­tion site next to Tay­lor’s home is caus­ing her prob­lems.

(Pic­tures by Da­van­dra Babb.)

Houses un­der con­struc­tion at The Vil­lages at Cover­ley.

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