Economy of Belarus - - 2011-2015: FIVE YEARS OF GROWTH -

In 2011 Seis­motech­nika will make two AP-80А hoist units for Belorus­neft and six AP-80 hoist units for its sub­sidiary in Rus­sia.

AP-80А has been de­signed and made by Seis­motech­nika spe­cial­ists un­der the im­port-sub­sti­tu­tion pro­gram for re­pair and de­vel­op­ment of oil and gas wells.

The unit is mounted on an 8X8 MZKT700200 chas­sis with a 354kw diesel en­gine (482 h.p.) and a mecha­tronic fuel pump. The nom­i­nal well depth dur­ing re­pair and de­vel­op­ment is 4,000 me­ters and the nom­i­nal drilling depth is 2,000 me­ters.

Af­ter the field tests in Be­larus two AP-80А units will be shipped to Venezuela to be used for well restora­tion and re­pair at Ser­vi­cios Petroleros Belovene­zolana.

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