Kid­ney do­na­tion re­stricted as the funds were found to been mis­used

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Col­lec­tion of do­na­tion for Kid­ney pa­tients was re­stricted by the Min­istry of Home and Cul­ture Af­fairs (MoHCA) re­cently as the min­istry’s found out that the col­lec­tion of fund was mis­used.

Dur­ing the Meet-the-Press last Fri­day, Min­is­ter for Home and Cul­ture Af­fairs, Ly­onpo Dam­cho Dorji said that for the treat­ment of kid­ney pa­tients the Govern­ment bears for all the op­er­a­tion cost out of Bhutan, travel ex­penses for the es­cort and also to the donors.

“I don’t re­ally see need for the pa­tient to col­lect money pay for the ex­penses while they are go­ing for the treat­ment out­side the coun­try”, said the Ly­onpo.

Ly­onpo added that ob­vi­ously there are ex­penses such as pay­ing for com­pen­sat­ing the donors. If they find that if it is very nec­es­sary, pa­tient can choose to pay or com­pen­sate the donors. He added that there is very thin line be­tween com­pen­sat­ing and the buy­ing or­gans.

Ly­onpo said that, since Bhutan is a party to World Health Or­ga­ni­za­tion (WHO) guide­lines on the il­le­gal traf­fick­ing of hu­man or­gans. More­over, Bhutan is also a party to few in­ter­na­tional con­ven­tions on the pro­to­col to that con­ven­tion pro­hibits traf­fick­ing of hu­man or­gans. In our own pe­nal code also pro­hibits traf­fick­ing in hu­man or­gans. So there is likely dan­ger that what­ever money has been col­lected through con­tri­bu­tion will be used and it has been used in many cases to buy kid­ney which is il­le­gal.

Pre­vi­ously, Min­istry of Home and Cul­ture Af­fairs has been is­su­ing let­ter for col­lec­tion for con­tri­bu­tion and the do­na­tion for kid­ney pa­tients, sim­ply on the hu­man­i­tar­ian ground. But in the process, they re­al­ize that these con­tri­bu­tions are be­ing used to buy hu­man or­gan, said the Ly­onpo.

How­ever Ly­onpo also added that, there is mis­use of this money as well. Since the ex­pen­di­tures are be­ing bears by the govern­ment, Min­istry’s have found out that since peo­ple don’t have to pay for the trans­plan­ta­tion of kid­ney out­side the coun­try. Some­times, even if the pa­tient dies, their rel­a­tives con­tinue col­lect­ing the do­na­tion within the du­ra­tion of those cer­tifi­cates which is nor­mally is­sues for six months.

Ly­onpo said there has been re­port stat­ing that these pa­tients ha­rass­ing not only to the gen­eral pub­lic but also to the tourist. Ly­onpo said that the govern­ment or the state can­not ac­com­plice to these il­le­gal acts.

How­ever, the min­istry is still work­ing with the kid­ney foun­da­tion and we will en­cour­age and will help to the foun­da­tion to col­lect con­tri­bu­tions pro­vided this con­tri­bu­tion are used for pur­poses other than buy­ing hu­man or­gans, said the Ly­onpo.

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