Not all lo­cal gov­ern­ment had to signed the per­for­mance agree­ment and they don’t have to: PM

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The Geog Leader (Gups) sign­ing the per­for­mance agree­ment with their re­spec­tive Dzongdags or not, it will not make much dif­fer­ence for the de­vel­op­ment of the coun­try.

Lo­cal gov­ern­ment lead­ers are re­luc­tant to sign the per­for­mance agree­ment with their re­spec­tive Dzongdags, Ly­onch­hen said dur­ing the meet­the-press ses­sion on last Thurs­day that no­body is forced to sign the per­for­mance agree­ment and the very pur­pose of the sign­ing of the per­for­mance agree­ment was to make pri­or­ity fo­cus for the com­ing year what is go­ing to be achieved.

Whether lo­cal gov­ern­ment signed with Dzongdags or not, that is a business in be­tween them. The per­for­mance agree­ment, is on­line ev­ery­one can check to see what are the ac­tiv­i­ties in the per­for­mance agree­ment are doable and which are not, said the Prime Min­is­ter.

If lo­cal gov­ern­ment has signed with their re­spec­tive Dzongdags and if they feel that per­for­mance agree­ment can­not be ful­filled, and then I should know, said the Prime Min­ster.

Ly­onch­hen also said that if the lo­cal gov­ern­ment feels that they have not re­ceived the enough bud­gets for the de­vel­op­ment is more than what they have re­ceived in the Tenth Plan.

Ly­onch­hen said that he had ex­plained to all Dzongdags in all the Dzongkhags to en­sure that what they have in­di­cated in the per­for­mance agree­ment can be ac­com­plished within the ex­ist­ing re­sources and those that re­quire re­sources will be made avail­able.

Be­sides that Prime Min­is­ter said that the bud­get of Nu 2 mil­lion for Geog De­vel­op­ment Grant (GDG) is meant for cap­i­tal de­vel­op­ment work. “None of the small de­vel­op­ment project (SDP) has been re­flected in the plan be­cause it is not yet ap­proved”. The SDP will be in­cluded in the bud­get as and when they are ap­proved.

Be­cause the gov­ern­ment did not have the bud­get and it is hard to in­cluded in the bud­get be­cause when we do that the agency con­cern would spent the money and then gov­ern­ment have to re­sort to bor­row­ing that leads to debt prob­lem and INR is­sues, said the Prime Min­is­ter.

As Prime Min­is­ter had signed the per­for­mance agree­ment with all the min­istries, au­ton­o­mous agen­cies and with all the Dzongdags, Prime Min­is­ter said that none of the per­for­mance agree­ment had dic­tated what should be there, all the per­for­mance agree­ment sub­mit- ted was vol­un­teered what re­sults to be achieved in the fi­nan­cial year.

Most of the per­for­mance agree­ment, es­pe­cially in the Dzonkhags are very con­ser­va­tive and should be be­cause this is the first time, so any Dzonkhag would be care­less if they don’t want to put tar­get that are too am­bi­tious. This is why most of the tar­get in the per­for­mance agree­ment are very con­ser­va­tive and they are doable, said the PM.

How much of this crit­i­cism on the per­for­mance agree­ment are just real con­cern or how much is po­lit­i­cal in na­ture, not all lo­cal gov­ern­ment had to signed the per­for­mance agree­ment and they don’t have to, said the Prime Min­is­ter.

PM added that those he had signed has been look at it and many are doable be­cause they are small ac­tiv­i­ties within ex­ist­ing bud­gets and def­i­nitely within the bud­get of Nu 2 mil­lion of the geog de­vel­op­ment grant and lo­cal leader can look at.

Per­for­mance agree­ment be­tween the Dzongdags and the lo­cal gov­ern­ment should be con­tribut­ing to the re­sults that per­for­mance agree­ment be­tween the Dzongdags and the Prime Min­is­ter has agreed on, said the PM.

Min­is­ter of Home and Cul­ture Af­fair, Ly­onpo Dam­cho Dorji said why the lo­cal gov­ern­ments are not will­ing to sign the per­for­mance agree­ment with the Dzongdags.

Ly­onpo said he has in­for­ma­tion from the gups that why they didn’t want to sign with the Dzongdags be­cause it is be­ing signed by the sec­tor heads and it has been drafted with­out do­ing any con­sul­ta­tion. So ba­si­cally they were taken sur­prise and they just wanted to en­sure that they know what is be­ing in­cor­po­rated in the agree­ment.

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