Ly­on­nchen signs per­for­mance agree­ments with for­eign and fi­nance min­is­ters Ugyen Cho­den

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Ly­onch­hen Tsh­er­ing Tob­gay signed Per­for­mance Agree­ments (PA) with the Ly­onpo Nam­gay Dorji, Min­istry of Fi­nance and Ly­onpo Rinzi Dorje, Min­istry of For­eign Af­fairs at the Gya­ly­ong Tshogkhang last Mon­day. The sign­ing be­tween th­ese two Min­istries were de­layed due to ‘Dha Nga” (bad month ) .

Ly­onch­hen thanked the of­fi­cials from the two Min­istries, Gov­ern­ment Per­for­mance and Man­age­ment Sys­tem (GPMS) task force mem­bers, of­fi­cials from the Cab­i­net Sec­re­tariat and the me­dia for com­ing to wit­ness the sign­ing of the per­form- ance agree­ments. Ly­onch­hen also con­grat­u­lated the of­fi­cials from the two min­istries and the GPMS task force mem­ber and said that with the sign­ing of th­ese two PAs, a to­tal of 36 PAs - 10 min­istries, 20 Dzongkhags and 6 au­ton­o­mous agen­cies, has been signed.

Ad­dress­ing the of­fi­cials as­sem­bled for the event, Ly­onch­hen said that the per­for­mance agree­ments signed be­tween the Prime Min­is­ter and the Min­istries meant that they would be able to iden­tify their ob­jec­tives and eval­u­ate their per­for­mances. It would help in the as­sess­ment of the re­sults and there­fore, all civil ser­vants would be able to iden­tify with their per­for­mances. If the re­sults are not op­ti­mal, the per­form­ers could come up with ap­pro­pri­ate mea­sures to ad­dress the faults and cor­rect them.

Ly­onch­hen fur­ther it­er­ated that sign­ing of per­for­mance agree­ments was not forced by any means. In­stead, it was a way to have the agen­cies achieve its own tar­get. For this year all the ac­tiv­i­ties in the PA of Min­istries, Dzongkhags and au­ton­o­mous agen­cies are pro­posed by the agen­cies them­selves.

Ly­onch­hen also an­nounced that the GPMS would be taken over by the Prime Min­is­ter’s Of­fice (PMO) hence­forth.

Ly­onch­hen also con­veyed that most peo­ple were anx­ious and con- cerned about the bud­get al­lo­ca­tion. He said that, the ob­jec­tives men­tioned in the agree­ments were not, by any means, im­posed by him. In­stead, it was the min­istry/ dzongkhag/au­ton­o­mous agen­cies’ own tar­gets. Ly­onch­hen said that if there is any doubt that cer­tain ob­jec­tive couldn’t be achieved; the Prime Min­is­ter must be duly ap­prised on it so that he will look into the mat­ter.

Ly­onch­hen re­it­er­ated his com­mit­ment to the min­istries and said that the gov­ern­ment will pro­vide the nec­es­sary support (poli­cies) and re­sources (fi­nan­cial and Hu­man) re­quired for ef­fi­cient de­liv­ery of the re­sults.

Ly­onch­hen high­lighted on the im­por­tance of set­ting tar­gets, achiev­ing de­sired out­comes and con­tribut­ing to­ward ef­fi­cient pub­lic ser­vice de­liv­ery. He added that the re­sults would con­trib­ute greatly to­ward the na­tion’s over­all de­vel­op­ment. This, Ly­onch­hen as­serted would be ma­jor leap to­ward re­al­iz­ing our Mon­archs’ noble vi­sions.

Mean­while, Ly­onpo Nam­gay Dorji, Min­istry of Fi­nance fur­ther reaf­firmed his com­mit­ments to work to­wards achiev­ing their min­istry’s am­bi­tions de­scribed in the an­nual per­for­mance agree­ment.

In ad­di­tion, Ly­onpo Rinzin Dorji said that the Min­istry of For­eign Af­fairs would take this op­por­tu­nity very se­ri­ously and de­liver well.

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