Ed­u­ca­tion sec­tor re­ceives the high­est share of the bud­get

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The gov­ern­ment spent high­est share of their bud­get to ed­u­ca­tion sec­tors and it has re­ceived a high share of the to­tal fund al­lo­ca­tion in almost all the five year plans. In the FY 2013-14, a to­tal bud­get pro­vi­sion of Nu 5,701.3 mil­lion (re­vised bud­get) was al­lo­cated for the ed­u­ca­tion sec­tor. Of this bud­get al­lo­ca­tion, Nu 5,370.3 mil­lion has been has been uti­lized by the ed­u­ca­tion sec­tor in the fi­nan­cial year 2013- 2014.

Draft an­nual ed­u­ca­tion statis­tics 2014 shows the to­tal num­ber of schools in the gen­eral ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem in Bhutan con­sists of 333 pub­lic pri­mary schools, 12 pri­vate pri­mary schools, 86 pub­lic lower sec­ondary schools, 1 pri­vate lower sec­ondary school, 63 pub­lic mid­dle sec­ondary schools, 2 pri­vate mid­dle sec­ondary schools, 37 pub­lic higher sec­ondary schools, and 17 pri­vate higher sec­ondary schools.

In ad­di­tion, there are 107 ex­tended class­rooms (ECRs), and 210 ECCD cen­ters. The to­tal num­ber of teach­ers as of 2014 is 8,572 which in­cludes 2,533 teach­ers in pri­mary schools, 1,939 in lower sec­ondary schools, 2,148 in mid­dle sec­ondary schools, 948 in higher sec­ondary schools, 150 in ECRs, and 12 in the Muenselling In­sti­tute and 435 teach­ers in the coun­try , states the an­nual ed­u­ca­tion statis­tics 2014.

The draft also states that the to­tal school enrolment for the cur­rent aca­demic year is 172,393 which in­clude 47,058 in pri­mary schools, 43,235 in lower sec­ondary schools, 44,207 in mid­dle sec­ondary schools, 34,982 in higher sec­ondary schools, 2,885 in ECRs, and 26 in Muenselling In­sti­tute. At the ter­tiary level, there are 13 ter­tiary in­sti­tutes in­clud­ing one pri­vate col­lege in the coun­try with a to­tal enrolment of 11,089 stu­dents pur­su­ing var­i­ous de­gree pro­grams. Un­der the vo­ca­tional pro­grams, there are 1,405 trainees pur­su­ing var­i­ous cour­ses in eight vo­ca­tional train­ing in­sti­tutes of the MoLHR and one pri­vate train­ing in­sti­tute.

Adult lit­er­acy pro­grams are of­fered to 8,079 learn­ers with 784 in 774 Non- For­mal Ed­u­ca­tion cen­ters across the coun­try.

The draft fur­ther states that, ad­di­tion­ally, 2,096 stu­dents are also pur­su­ing their stud­ies through the con­tin­u­ing ed­u­ca­tion pro­gramme in 17 cen­ters.

In 2014, four new schools were opened, seven schools up­graded to higher lev­els, four schools down­graded to lower lev­els, 11 ex­tended class­rooms closed, and two ex­tended class­rooms were re-opened this year.

This year the Net Pri­mary Enrolment Rate (NER) stands at 95 per­cent, mean­ing that 95 per­cent of 6-12 years old are en­rolled in the pri­mary ed­u­ca­tion pro­gram. This does not in­clude the 6-12 year olds who are en­rolled in schools abroad, in the sec­ondary lev­els, or in the monas­tic ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem, states the draft.

While, this in­di­ca­tor has slightly de­creased by 1per­cent com­pared

to last year, the ad­justed net pri­mary enrolment rate (ANER) has re­mained sim­i­lar to last year’s ANER at 98.4 per­cent. This in­di­cates that Bhutan is very close to achiev­ing the goal of the Univer­sal Pri­mary Ed­u­ca­tion. The slight de­cline in pri­mary enrolment in­di­ca­tors are mainly ex­plained by the fact that while the enrolment of chil­dren in pri­mary ed­u­ca­tion seems to have reached a plateau, the pop­u­la­tion is pro­jected to in­crease at a steady rate as per the Na­tional Sta­tis­ti­cal Bureau.

The draft states as of 2014, there are 101,667 pri­mary stu­dents (PP-VI) en­rolled in 345 pri­mary schools and sec­ondary schools with pri­mary sec­tions, show­ing a de­crease from 104,323 pri­mary stu­dents en­rolled in 2013. This is in keep­ing with the de­clin­ing enrolment trend at the pri­mary lev­els over the last four years, in­di­cat­ing a pos­si­ble satura- tion in terms of pri­mary school enrolment.

Sim­i­larly, it has been ob­served that the growth of enrolment at pre-pri­mary (PP), which is the first grade of the pri­mary ed­u­ca­tion, has been on the de­cline with an av­er­age growth rate of - 1.9 per­cent since 2008.

Enrolment in classes VII to X in­creased from 40,855 in 2008 to 53,329 in 2014. As of 2014, the gross enrolment ra­tio (GER) and net enrolment rate (NER) at the ba­sic ed­u­ca­tion level (PP-X) stand at 107per­cent and 93per­cent re­spec­tively.

The an­nual growth rate for 2014 at this level (Class VII-X) was recorded at 3.4per­cent, which is an in­crease of about 1.9per­cent com­pared to 2013.

The tran­si­tion rate from pri­mary to lower sec­ondary ed­u­ca­tion in 2014 is 99 per­cent, which in­di­cates that 99 per­cent of stu­dents en­rolled in class VI in 2013 are en­rolled in class VII. Sim­i­larly, 92 per­cent of the lower sec­ondary (class VIII) stu­dents move on to mid­dle sec­ondary level (Class IX), and 75 per­cent of the mid­dle sec­ondary stu­dents tran­si­tion from class X to class XI at higher sec­ondary level.

Mean­while, The An­nual Ed­u­ca­tion Statis­tics is based on the data pro­vided by the schools, dis­trict ed­u­ca­tion of­fice, and var­i­ous other agen­cies and or­ga­ni­za­tions.

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