Thim­phu Thor­mde plans newer ad­dress fa­cil­i­ties

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Thim­phu Thromde has a good con­cept of mak­ing Thim­phu ad­dresses sys­tem much eas­ier and con­ve­nient for the peo­ple living in and around Thim­phu. The plan was thus started quite ear­lier in 2012 but lot of things lacked be­hind. The cities in the world have al­ready had this sys­tem of ad­dresses since ages.

The sys­tem is also known as Thim­phu City busi­ness sys­tem. Thrompon Kinley Dorji said, “It’s a city ad­dress we have come up with. It’s a very long over­due project that we have taken up way back in 2012 started this project and it’s a hard time with.”

He said, so when we look at cities in the world they have ad­dress sys­tem, all the mail parcels are reached at the doorsteps but in Bhutan even it’s a cap­i­tal city, we don’t have home ad­dress, we get de­liver through the of­fice wher­ever we go we have to say that their home and the of­fice ad­dress is same be­cause we don’t have a home ad­dress.

We do not get proper ad­dress where to de­liver the mails or parcels, we have to take their num­bers and find them and that’s where there is power fail­ure.

Hav­ing this sys­tem up­graded he said, will have many other benefits. Norzin Lam has been taken as a pi­lot project where the Thromde will have not only city ad­dress sys­tem but have gone to the ex­ten­sion of in­stalling mail boxes sys­tem at the cost of the prop­erty owner.

There will be also fa­cil­ity re­quired by ten­ants and them­selves. it has taken quite some time to roll it out to make this sys­tem func­tional and to known to each and ev­ery­one, he added.

He also said there­fore to start this project as soon as pos­si­ble. He said we must have seen all build­ing with num­bers, we would also in­stall each and ev­ery streets name, and ev­ery road has to be named. This sys­tem would be eas­ier to lo­cate ad­dress with build­ing given num­bers with the road name will give a proper ad­dress. All of th­ese are now in the process.

He said that peo­ple re­sid­ing in Thim­phu are ex­pect­ing this sys­tem to be com­plete soon, how­ever it will be com­pleted soon but be­fore we fin­ish this we wanted to launch the mail-de­liver sys­tem to Norzin Lam. Norzin Lam and Chang Lam have no prob­lem. Most of the build­ing has ac­cepted mail boxes, so we are find­ing th­ese days to start it.

Mean­while, “We have the last meet­ing, let’s call all the pos­si­ble user of the fa­cil­i­ties, all the pa­pers , all the fi­nance in­sti­tu­tion, all the util­ity ser­vice providers, they will def­i­nitely need to send it out in­for­ma­tion, send out bills, all that cen­tral­ize could be done by Bhutan post, so we want this to be un­der­stood and sup­port for all agency who need ser­vice from Bhutan Postal Cor­po­ra­tion, it will come by the fee and that fee will be much lesser than our own sys­tem to send peo­ple to de­liver by your­selves that is one to one when its done. By com­pose it will be 10 or 15 to 1, so sim­i­larly the fee or charges will go down and sys­tem will be more ef­fi­cient, all this benefits now will be re­al­ized.

He added, we want all Bhutan Post to be self­sus­tain­ing, by do­ing this if they run loss the sys­tem will not be sus­tain­able. We need to sup­port, we need to pay what­ever is re­quired to be paid, they can de­liver the ser­vice to ev­ery home and cities, so there­fore with this idea be­hind the meet­ings

“Cur­rently we are look­ing at the mail boxes there in the Bhutan Post, which is one thou­sand six hun­dred ap­prox­i­mately, we try to lo­cate all the mail boxes and we are sure this is go­ing to be at the core area”, he added.

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