The Syl­lo­gism of Nepo­tism

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Let’s be frank: Nepo­tism is ram­pant in Bhutan. And it has al­most be­come cus­tom­ary.

One com­mon rea­son we can es­tab­lish to prove this point is to say that we live in a small so­ci­ety. And that peo­ple know each other. Know­ing peo­ple can re­ally give you mileage wher­ever you go. We know it is true.

For ex­am­ple, if you know a bu­reau­crat you can easily get ac­cess to bu­reau­cratic sys­tem. Whether it is get­ting a fa­vor to get a li­cense or an op­por­tu­nity to go for a train­ing. If you know some­one in the hos­pi­tal you get pref­er­ence to cross the queue and get your case checked first. This is not unique to Bhutan. It is same ev­ery­where.

Over the years Bhutanese have silently fought the case of nepo­tism: those who ben­e­fit from it they en­joy the sys­tem; those who are af­fected vents out their anger ei­ther dur­ing the con­ver­sa­tions or by crush­ing frag­ile ob­jects that come their way.

It is the sys­tem that can take in­her­ent and in­vis­i­ble forms. Peo­ple who prac­tice the sys­tem can man­i­fest the be­hav­ior that will of­ten go un­seen or un­re­al­ized. Although some bla­tant in­stances have come un­der public scru­tiny or are ex­posed by media, much is deeply rooted into our sys­tem.

Such be­hav­iors can be dubbed as eth­i­cal cor­rup­tion.

On the con­trary, nepo­tism is against the law in Bhutan. More than the law, it is un­eth­i­cal. And the only scru­tiny we have is ACC to un­earth the deep seated cul­ture in our sys­tem. The tough­est ques­tion is: can ACC eth­i­cally up­root this sys­tem of un­eth­i­cal be­hav­ior?

If not then there is no way we can let go off this be­hav­ior from our sys­tem. So the con­se­quence can be since it is in our sys­tem, and since we are into that sys­tem, so per­haps we are bound to that sys­tem.

Or else we need to get rid of that dis­ease. While we strive so much to clean up the dirt and beau­tify our so­ci­ety but the big­gest chal­lenge will be wash­ing off the stain of im­moral­ity that runs in our sys­tem.

It is such an is­sue that you don’t like when be­ing talked about it but you pre­fer it when it comes to you.

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