Is beg­ging be­com­ing ram­pant

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Thim­phu has been see­ing an in­creas­ing num­bers of beg­gars over the years. There is no of­fi­cial record main­tained with the con­cerned author­i­ties but observers feel that there is in­crease in the num­bers of beg­gars es­pe­cially with chil­dren and women.

Bhutan has been branded as a coun­try with­out beg­gars. Linda Leam­ing a fa­mous Amer­i­can au­thor mar­ried to our renowned Bhutanese Thanka pain­ter, Phurba Nam­gay has claimed the same in her book Mar­ried to Bhutan.

But now with mod­ern­iza­tion com­ing up in Bhutan is slowly see­ing an in­crease nos beg­gars in the street, But as we take a quick stroll in Norzin Lam we would see beg­gars of all form and even peo­ple clad in robes .

But for some it may be the only source of liv­ing and we pity as we glance down and see the poor and old peo­ple beg­ging. It dis­play a very bad side our so­ci­ety and makes us feel that as so­ci­ety we have failed mis­er­ably some­where.

“PITY” would be clear in the peo­ple’s eye though only few stepped for­ward and helped.

Is it them or is it us who are so blind­folded that we tend to ig­nore them? We be­ing a Bud­dhist it is a sin to watch other peo­ple suf­fer es­pe­cially the poor old peo­ple who beg for their liveli­hood.

Peo­ple like Ap San­gay who begs daily gets up early in the morn­ing and starts the day with a cup of tea and re­turns home by evening as it gets dark and gets dif­fi­cult for him to see prop­erly.

How­ever in the Bud­dhist phi­los­o­phy beg­ging on alms is an ac­cepted norm and Buddha en­cour­age monks to choose this mode of live hood to en­cour­age com­mon peo­ple for char­ity so that they can ac­cu­mu­late merit.

In Bhutan even the able body peo­ple has be­come beg­gars as it is one of the eas­i­est way of liv­ing and not ac­cept kind but de­mand cash of higher de­nom­i­na­tion in the form of alms. Beg­gars are in­creas­ing day by day and have be­come a public nui­sance.

More­over the public opin­ion on these beg­gars has to change and peo­ple must give alms to the weak, old and des­ti­tute. The public should use their dis­cre­tion to pro­vide alms to the needy and not to any­one who comes beg­ging as they will not bring any mer­its.

As a Bud­dhist so­ci­ety the sce­nario has to change. Peo­ple who are beg­ging must agreed to per­form what­ever job they can take and earn a de­cent liv­ing.

As we do not want any ex­tor­tion­ist in our street and leave our farm land fal­low.

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