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Bhutan Post, City Bus Ser­vice in­tro­duced the elec­tronic ticket sys­tem (et­icket sys­tem) for city bus ser­vices in Thim­phu with ef­fect from 1st Septem­ber 2015. Un­der this sys­tem bus tick­ets are not is­sued in­side the buses. The tick­ets will be avail­able from au­tho­rized e-ticket out­lets which are more than 75 in Thim­phu, which sells elec­tronic mo­bile vouch­ers of Tashi Cell and Bmo­bile. The tick­ets will be avail­able in de­nom­i­na­tions of Nu.5 rang­ing upto Nu. 30. There will also be bulk tick­ets avail­able in Nu.50 and Nu.150 - for mul­ti­ple trav­els. The com­muters are al­lowed to board only if they have a ticket. If the com­muters travel with­out e-ticket(s) or on pay­ment of bus fare to the con­duc­tor will be fined and dis­em­barked. The tick­ets have no ex­piry date, so com­muters can use a ticket when­ever and which­ever route they want to use on.

The public re­la­tion of­fi­cer of Bhutan Postal Cor­po­ra­tion Lim­ited Dorji Wangchuk said that the gov­ern­ment has in­tro­duced new sys­tem of e ticket to travel in city bus since two weeks ago. Ac­cord­ing to Dorji Wangchuk the pur­pose of in­tro­duc­ing new sys­tem is to pro­fes­sion­al­ize the sys­tem of city bus ser­vices , to look for­ward of fea­si­bil­ity to im­prove the bus ser­vice , give the best ser­vice to the pas­sen­ger and to make com­muter’s com­fort­able to travel.

The achieve­ment of the e ticket, can­not com­mented now as the new sys­tem is run­ning only two weeks. In or­der to cre­ate aware­ness on e ticket and over­come the chal­lenges the Bhutan Post of­fi­cials has al­ready made ad­ver­tise­ment on video clips and dis­trib­uted voucher in dif­fer­ent types of media in­clud­ing tele­vi­sion to make pas­sen­ger clear on how to fol­low the new sys­tem. There are 25 enu­mer­a­tors re­cruited to give de­tail in­for­ma­tion about the e ticket sys­tem. But com­mon prob­lem com­muter faces is short­age of bus and no ex­act tim­ings for the buses to travel as the bus leaves as and when the bus is full.

How­ever to over­come the short­age of buses, Bhutan Post is ex­pect­ing to come with 18 more buses as they al­ready sub­mit­ted pro­posal to the gov­ern­ment.

The e ticket is de­signed in two types, mul­ti­ple and sin­gle travel. Mul­ti­ple trav­els can en­ter and exit from any roads where as sin­gle travel ticket can travel only to cer­tain place ac­cord­ing to the price coded in the ticket.

The ben­e­fit of in­vent­ing new sys­tem to the peo­ple is to as­sure safety, com­fort­able and able to fol­low traf­fic rules and reg­u­la­tion strictly.

The man­age­ment of Bhutan Post has been mak­ing in­sist­ing ef­forts to all the pas­sen­gers to co­op­er­ate with them. If any pas­sen­gers are left with­out punch­ing the ticket, in­sist con­duc­tor to punch the ticket and board the bus by buy­ing tick­ets from e tick­ets out­lets. In case of in­spec­tion if any­body is found with­out the ticket be­ing punched both the con­duc­tor and pas­sen­ger will be fined.

Ac­cord­ing to the con­duc­tor of Jung­shina bus, Sherab Cho­den , she feel free and gets time to re­lax be­cause she just have to punch the tick­ets while board­ing the bus. There is no risk of get­ting re­trenched from job be­cause bus car­ries lim­ited pas­sen­gers and they can­not force the buses to take more than the ca­pac­ity.

How­ever the some of pas­sen­gers com­plains of fad­ing off prints and there is a chance of bring­ing same plan pa­per by pas­sen­gers.

Ac­cord­ing to the pas­sen­ger of Motithang, Aum Rada Om said she feel com­fort­able if she can get in the bus. But it is dif­fi­cult at times as only lim­ited pas­sen­gers are be­ing fer­ried by the Bhutan Post city buses. She will have to catch a taxi then and bus doesn’t stop if you do not have e tick­ets also.

“If gov­ern­ment can pro­vide more bus it would be very help­ful to poor peo­ple like me be­cause when city bus carry lim­ited pas­sen­ger and the taxi driver charges us more” she adds.

Bus ticket from the shops: Ly­onpo D.N. Dhungyel , Min­is­ter for In­for­ma­tion and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions along with the UNDP Res­i­dent Rep­re­sen­ta­tive in Bhutan Christina Carlson launches the e- ticket sys­tem for the city bus ser­vices in Thim­phu on 1st of Septem­ber 2015. (Pic­ture cour­tesy: UNDP, Bhutan)

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