A prin­ci­pal from Bhutan hon­oured with tele­graph award for ed­u­ca­tion ex­cel­lence

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Tsh­er­ing Dorji , Prin­ci­pal of Rinchen Higher Sec­ondary school in Thim­phu was awarded the tele­graph school award for ed­u­ca­tion ex­cel­lence in Kolkata last week by the tele­graph ed­u­ca­tion Foun­da­tion.

He said that he “had never known that hard­ships cam be hon­oured so whole­heart­edly. A man be­long­ing to a hum­ble root have now made a history leav­ing all youths to get in­spire.

Speak­ing to BT, Tsh­er­ing Dorji from Mon­gar de­scribes how he strug­gled in life and man­aged to be­come what he is now.

Tsh­er­ing Dorji who is 38 years from Tsakaling and he felt truly hon­oured to re­ceive the Tele­graph school award for ex­cel­lence.

“I really don’t know for what I was re­warded for what I have done as a teacher or a prin­ci­pal is what I am sup­pose to do,” “I am still re­cov­er­ing from shocked and sur­prise of this par­tic­u­lar award.” he said.

He added “I didn’t do any ex­tra or­di­nary things,” Re­or­ga­niz­ing as a prin­ci­pal he has not only done his duty, he has gone lit­tle fur­ther be­yond his duty which teach­ers and prin­ci­pals should do for stu­dents as a sec­ond par­ent.

Tsh­er­ing Dorji sec­ond el­dest of 10 sib­lings, he got his first pair of slip­per at the age of fif­teen and he has only one gho to wear, when he washed his gho he used to stay with­out cloth un­til it dries dur­ing his school days. “I was told that this award is for th­ese dif­fi­cul­ties.” he said.

He stud­ied his high school at Jigme Sherubling HSS in Khal­ing. Af­ter his grad­u­a­tion he de­cided to be­come a teacher be­cause as a teacher through lenses of teacher he can see and sense the em­pa­thy set him dif­fer­ent from oth­ers.

He is strict and dis­ci­plined but he takes care of his stu­dents as his own chil­dren. He took up re­spon­si­ble at young age as a prin­ci­pal. He said be­ing a pri­vate school prin­ci­pal he had un­der­stood many prob­lems faced by stu­dents.

The pri­vate school stu­dents are ren­dered help­less and no choice, but their par­ent wants them to study. Aca­dem­i­cally chal­lenge but most of their par­ent go through lots of dif­fi­cul­ties for not able to pay the school fees.

“I understand they would have parted from last cows, land, pre­cious things like jew­el­ries to af­ford fees.” he laments.

“It’s in our abil­ity to understand that sit­u­a­tion to be study­ing in any pri­vate School.” he said. Be­fore Tsh­er­ing Dorji was a prin­ci­pal in one of the mid­dle sec­ondary school in the gov­ern­ment and it is en­tirely dif­fer­ent to work in a pri­vate school. He stopped ad­min­is­ter­ing and man­ag­ing things but he started to touch life and trans­form life.

“In the process I came through lots of sad sto­ries that are un­told, sto­ries that peo­ple don’t seem to have time to hear and sto­ries that hard but not seen in re­al­ity.” he nar­rates.

He per­son­ally vis­ited some of the stu­dent who lived by their own with­out rel­a­tives and saw some of them not be­ing able to pay rent and no stove to cook, be­cause par­ents are far away and not able to reach money on time. To make his stu­dents com­fort­able he even vowed to pay rent from his pocket to their house owner.

Some house own­ers usu­ally comes hunt­ing for him and some­time he was caught in mid­dle of the town. He needs to make clear that he will pay next month. He said he don’t mind peo­ple do­ing so “In fact I have done it for my stu­dent.”

If stu­dents were ad­mit­ted in hos­pi­tal for long time and if there is no one to look for them then he be­comes the at­ten­dant. Some stu­dents, who are not able to pay fees comes with tremen­dous guilt to the prin­ci­pal and the prin­ci­pal ap­peals to gen­er­ous peo­ple to pay fees for them.

“So I think I am in po­si­tion to make a dif­fer­ence in life.” “So I don’t want to abuse my po­si­tion in­stated I will use my po­si­tion to ben­e­fit my stu­dents life.” “I have gone through many dif­fi­cul­ties and I can flash back my own life in them.” That is the rea­son I was awarded for, he said.

“That is the only lit­tle ca­pac­ity I do sin­cere,” “I must do much more than what I must be do­ing.” the prin­ci­pal said.

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