Crime rate has de­creased over the years and dropped by 13 per­cent last year

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T he over­all crime rate has dropped over the years. Ac­cord­ing to the an­nual crime sta­tis­tics re­port 2015, the crime rate has de­creased from 2367 in 2014 to 2055 in 2015 which was de­creased by 13 per­cent.

The de­creased in the crime rates over the years was mainly be­cause of un­der the benev­o­lent lead­er­ship of His Majesty the King and other stake­holder. Dur­ing the press con­fer­ence last Thurs­day, Chief of Po­lice, Bri­gadier Kipchu Nam­gyel thanked His Majesty the King and His Majesty the Fourth King be­cause of His Majesty’s benev­o­lent lead­er­ship that we have peace and se­cu­rity in the coun­try. And also to the Govern­ment for their con­tin­u­ous sup­port to Royal Bhutan Po­lice for which they could be able to equip to fight against ris­ing crime.

The Chief of po­lice said that the de­crease in crime rate was also be­cause of con­tin­u­ous ef­fort made by the of­fi­cers and the other rank in the field to whose re­lent­less ef­fort in the crime preven­tion

ac­tiv­i­ties con­trib­uted to­wards de­crease in crime rates.

He also thanks the com­mu­ni­ties and other var­i­ous po­lice part­ner­ship which they could re­duce the crime rates in the coun­try. “The most im­por­tant chal­lenges of to­day’s ev­ery of­fi­cer is the ris­ing crime, po­lice alone can­not func­tion, we need the hands of com­mu­ni­ties”, said the Chief of Po­lice.

Al­though the over­all crime rate has de­creased but the to­tal crime con­trib­uted by Thim­phu Dzongkhag has in­creased. Ac­cord­ing to the re­port, the to­tal crime con­tri­bu­tion made by the Thim­phu Dzongkhag which is pe­nal of­fence only has in­creased from 32 per­cent in 2014 to 36 per­cent in 2015 which is the high­est con­tri­bu­tion dur­ing the year.

Fol­lowed by Chukha and Paro Dzongkhag, the to­tal crime con­trib­uted by Chukha Dzongkhag was dropped from 15 per­cent in 2014 to 14 per­cent in 2015, the re­port shows.

The re­port shows that Lhuentse, Da­gana, Zhem­gang, Trashiyangtse, Haa and Gasa Dzonkhags con­trib­uted the low­est to the to­tal crime which con­trib­uted one per­cent each dur­ing the year but Gasa con­trib­uted the low­est crime rates with zero per­cent dur­ing the year 2014.

The Chief of Po­lice said that ris­ing crime rates is the side ef­fect of the de­vel­op­men­tal ac­tiv­i­ties. He added that very soon there will be rise in crime in Tashiyangtse due to Kho­longchhu Pro­ject.

The re­port also shows the seven high­est crimes last year which in­cludes bat­tery which is (439) and Thim­phu alone con­trib­utes to 175, lar­ceny (357) and Thim­phu con­trib­uted to 152 last year, bur­glary (344) for this Thim­phu alone con­trib­uted to 169, pos­ses­sion of con­trolled sub­stance/ il­licit trans­ac­tion of con­trolled sub­stances (296) and for this Thim­phu alone con­trib­uted to 75 last year. The of­fense against Ku-Sung Thuk­ten was 129 and Trashigang con­trib­uted the high­est to 19 last year.

The to­tal crime for Ku-Sung Thuk­ten has dropped from 233 in 2014 to 129 in 2015, the Chief of Po­lice said that the dropped in of­fence against Ku-Sung Thuk­ten was mainly be­cause of the ag­gres­sive op­er­a­tion from our spe­cial in­vest­ing team against Ku-Sung Thuk­ten. “This is our most se­ri­ous con­cern”, said Chief of Po­lice.

The next is ma­li­cious mis­chief and was 60 last year and Thim­phu alone con­trib­uted to 20 and auto strip­ping (37) last year and Thim­phu con­trib­uted to 22.

For the non pe­nal of­fence where the Royal Bhutan Po­lice can­not play much role in­cludes sui­cides, miss­ing of per­son, fire ac­ci­dents, ac­ci­den­tal death, ac­ci­den­tal in­jury, drown­ing, un-nat­u­ral death and at­tempt sui­cide.

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