Mo­tor Ve­hi­cle Ac­ci­dent has dropped by 10 per­cent last year

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Al­though over­all mo­tor ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dent (MVA) has dropped by 10 per­cent or by 76 cases last year com­pare to the pre­vi­ous year 2014 with 791 mo­tor ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dent.

Al­though there is dropped in the MVA in Thim­phu by 63 cases but it con­trib­utes the high­est mo­tor ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dent to the to­tal MVA in the coun­try fol­lowed by Chukha with 23 cases and Paro with 25 cases last year.

Ac­cord­ing to the crime sta­tis­tics, 2015, it shows that Thim­phu Dzongkhag has 602 cases in mo­tor ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dent in 2014 and dropped to 539 cases in 2015. Sim­i­larly, Chukha Dzongkhag with 84 cases in 2014 and dropped to 61 cases in 2015 and Paro Dzongkhag with 41 cases in 2014 and dropped to 16 cases in 2015.

And other Dzongkhags like Sarpang, it dropped from 10 cases to 9 cases in 2015, Pu­nakha from four cases to two cases in 2015 and Da­gana Dzong- khag from six cases to two cases in 2015.

With the per­cent­age con­tri­bu­tion made by the three Dzongkhags, Thim­phu con­trib­utes the high­est with 75 per­cent in to­tal mo­tor ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dent, Chukha with nine per­cent and Paro with two per­cent to the to­tal con­tri­bu­tion made to the to­tal mo­tor ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dent last year.

The re­port also shows the mo­tor ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dent ca­su­alty that dur­ing last year the death has in­creased by 23 cases which means by 30 per- cent. And the in­jury has de­creased by 53 cases which come to twelve per­cent.

Al­though there is over­all mo­tor ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dent has dropped but dur­ing the press con­fer­ence last Thurs­day, but the Chief of Po­lice Bri­gadier Kipchu Nam­gyel said that still zero tol­er­ance is no way out, it’s a mer­ci­less. “This days when we are do­ing peo­ple are very sad, I feel sad”, said the Chief of Po­lice.

The re­port fur­ther shows that the five high­est causes of mo­tor ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dents dur­ing the year 2014-2015, it in­cludes hu­man er­ror. Dur­ing the year hu­man er­ror has dropped from 503 cases in 2014 to 363 cases in 2015.

Hu­man er­ror in­cludes un­safe over­tak­ing; loss of con­trol; use of mo­bile phones; un­safe re­vers­ing and tail­gat­ing, stated the re­port.

Next cause of MV ac­ci­dents is that driv­ing of car un­der the in­flu­ence of al­co­hol, driv­ing with­out li­cense, over speed­ing and the me­chan­i­cal de­fect.

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