RCSC re­forms to boast the moral of the civil ser­vants

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The Royal Civil Ser­vice Com­mis­sion ini­ti­ated five broad re­form ar­eas since April 2014 with the as­pi­ra­tion to take the civil ser­vice from ‘Good to ‘Great’. Bhutan Civil Ser­vice sys­tem (BCSS ) is one such re­form un­der­taken to at­tract, re­tain and mo­ti­vate civil ser­vants to achieve the ob­jec­tive of shap­ing and lead­ing a uni­fied, apo­lit­i­cal, mer­i­to­ri­ous and pro­fes­sional civil ser­vice.

Fol­low­ing na­tion­wide con­sul­ta­tions, the ma­jor prob­lems af­fect­ing civil ser­vants in the su­per­vi­sory & sup­port (S&S) cat­e­gory who are cru­cial for de­liv­er­ing pub­lic ser­vices were the stag­na­tion as move­ment to P5, P4 and P3 is based on en­try and qual­i­fi­ca­tion even though ex­pe­ri­ence mat­ters in th­ese po­si­tions. Lim­ited ca­reer move­ment for civil ser­vants en­ter­ing at S2 & S1 lead­ing to long num­ber of years in the same po­si­tion level since P3 is the high­est po­si­tion level they can move up to . This has re­sulted in low morale and mo­ti­va­tion; and over­lap­ping po­si­tion lev­els (P5, P4 &P3) be­tween S&S and pro­fes­sional & man­age­ment (P&M) cat­e­gory, thus cre­at­ing con­fu­sion in the Bhutan Civil Ser­vice Sys­tem and com­pli­cat­ing HR ac­tors and man­age­ment.

There­fore, in or­der to ad­dress th­ese is­sues, the Royal Civil Ser­vice Com­mis­sion as part of the Bhutan Civil Ser­vice Sys­tem re­form has ex­tended the cur­rent ca­reer pro­gres­sion with ef­fect from 1st March 2016. The re­form is aimed to fa­cil­i­tate smooth ca­reer move­ment and de­lin­eate a clear ca­reer path across all po­si­tion cat­e­gories by adding new con­cept of Se­nior Su­per­vi­sor (SS2 to SS4) which shall re­place the over­lap­ping po­si­tion level of P3,P4 & P5, ad­di­tional ca­reer ad­vance­ment up to SS1 equiv­a­lent to P2 is pro­vided for ev­ery civil ser­vants in S&S cat­e­gory; and smooth ca­reer move­ment up to SS1 ir­re­spec­tive of thre en­try and qual­i­fi­ca­tion is ap­proved with in­crease in pro­mo­tion du­ra­tion to five years for pro­mo­tion from S1 to SS4 and above.

With the re­form, as of 1st July 2016, 203 civil ser­vants who are cur­rently stag­nated at S1, P5, P4 & P3 shall be pro­moted sub­ject to ful­fill­ing all pro­mo­tion cri­te­ria. This will ben­e­fit ap­proxi- mately 12,000 civil ser­vants presently serv­ing in po­si­tion level of S5 to P3 who oth­er­wise would be stag­nated.

Fur­ther, the civil ser­vants who have en­tered in S&S cat­e­gory and have pro­gressed to P&M cat- egory (P5, P4 & P3) will be remapped to SS4, SS3 & SS2. How­ever, the remap­ping will ex­clude Civil ser­vants who by vested Eight prin­ci­ple were placed in Of­fi­cer Po­si­tions dur­ing Po­si­tion Clas­si­fi­ca­tion Sys­tem.

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