Thim­phu Thromde achieves more than 50 per­cent of its tar­get of 11th FYP

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D es­pite of hav­ing more than 150,000 pop­u­la­tions living in the cap­i­tal, Thim­phu Thromde could achieve more than 50 per­cent out of 44 key per­for­mance in­di­ca­tors of which 24 key per­for­mance in­di­ca­tors has been achieved so far for the 11th FYP.

It was pre­sented last Sun­day dur­ing the 11th FYP midterm re­view that out of 44 key per­for­mance in­di­ca­tors (KPIs) for the Thim­phu Thromde, 24 were achieved by Thim­phu Thromde, 14 are on tract and 6 at risk.

Dur­ing the 11th Five Year Plan midterm re­view, Thrompon Kin­lay Dor­jee said about the waste man­age­ment to re­duce the waste, the tar­get was only 36 met­ric tons (MT) monthly but the Thromde could col­lect 240MT monthly of degrad­able waste. The other waste which is non-degrad­able in­cludes papers, plas­tics and met­als which are be­ing re­cy­cled in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Greener way.

More than 90 per­cent of house­holds are ac­cess to proper waste man­age­ment sys­tem against the tar­get of 90 per­cent only dur­ing the plan. How­ever, Thrompon said that for those places where there is no proper road net­work such as Sim­tokha Dzong and Pamt­sho there ex­ist some prob­lem as garbage truck could not sent to col­lect garbage but Thrompon added that they have placed dust­bin in these area.

He also added that places which are not un­der the Thromde, they have also pro­vide ser­vices by plac­ing dust­bin. For in­stance Kabesa ar­eas and soon Debsi area will get the ser­vices.

Thim­phu Thromde had also achieved with the num­ber of im­proper dump­ing site by plac­ing of waste bin as there is prob­lems of il­le­gal dump­ing at Taba and Olakha near ho­tel Ariya by in­stalling CCTV.

Be­sides that, Thromde had achieved 80 per­cent of aware­ness and knowl­edge of seg­re­ga­tion 3R’s ( Re­cy­cle , Reuse and Re­duce) among Thromde res­i­dents by cre­at­ing aware­ness and clean­ing cam­paign.

With the devel­op­ment and main­te­nances of park, plan­ta­tion along the ex­press way, plan­ta­tions from Samten­ling to Motithang, pro­vid­ing of saplings to school about 3000 yearly and pro­vid­ing of seedlings to in­di­vid­ual house­holds about 300 yearly to keep the town with green, Thim­phu Thromde could achieved more than 30 per­cent.

Func­tional street­light has been in­stalled in des­ig­nated ar­eas in about six­teen places and the tar­get was only 13, the Thrompon said that the ex­ist­ing light will be re­placed by light-emit­ting diode (LED) as it will be much cheaper as the con­sump­tion of en­ergy is very less while the light­ing sys­tem will be brighter. He added that cur­rently Thromde is pay­ing the elec­tric­ity bill of Nu.700, 000 monthly.

With 14 per­cent of the planned projects on drink­ing wa­ter on track and some are un­der process, about 75 per­cent of pop­u­la­tion are ac­cess to safe drink­ing wa­ter for 24 hours.

Con­struc­tion of func­tional gen­der friendly pub­lic toi­lets will be com­pleted within the next two years. The Thrompon said that the func­tional gen­der friendly pub­lic toi­lets will be con­structed at the cre­ma­to­rium ground, Chubachu near milk booths, YHS ath­letic ground and be­tween IMTRAT and RBP( Hq).

Again within the next two years, the num­ber of pub­lic trans­port routes and bus stop will be in­creased and about 42 routes will be com­pleted within the pe­riod.

With the tar­get of 40km of length of sew­er­age line needs to be con­structed, out of that 27.3kms are be­ing com­pleted and left­over about 13km will be com­pleted within the next two years.

For the new road devel­op­ment, the tar­get was 50kms, but cur­rently Thromde could com­plete about 41.73kms and re­main­ing 6km will be com­pleted within next two and half years and the 42km of proper drainage sys­tem has be­ing com­pleted out of 50km tar­geted.

While pre­sent­ing the KPIs at risk, Ly­onch­hen Tsh­er­ing Tob­gay said that it is very im­por­tant for the gov­ern­ment to look at it.

The KPIs at risk in­cludes ma­ter­nal and in­fant mor­tal­ity in­ci­dences, mor­bid­ity in­ci­dences, crime in­ci­dences and abuse of drug re­lated cases. So for that, Thrompon said that it needs gov­ern­ment sup­ports to ad­dress these is­sues.

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