Their Majesties visit Dungkhar with HRH Gyalsey

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15 June 2016: His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Gyalt­suen ar­rived in Dungkhar, the an­ces­tral home of the Wangchuck Dy­nasty, on the im­mensely aus­pi­cious oc­ca­sion of the birth an­niver­sary of Guru Rin­poche, with His Royal High­ness The Gyalsey. Nu­mer­ous pro­pi­tious ten­drel im­parted su- preme sig­nif­i­cance to the oc­ca­sion of His Royal High­ness’ first visit to Dungkhar. The Wangchuck Dy­nasty is de­scended from Ter­toen Pema Lingpa, born as proph­e­sied by Guru Rin­poche to dis­cover nu­mer­ous pre­cious trea­sures hid­den by the Guru. The Dungkhar Choeje, de­scended through Pema Lingpa’s son Khe­drup Kuenga Wangpo, resided on a hill shaped like a conch shell. Jigme Nam­gyel, whose son Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck would be­come the first King of Bhutan, was born here to this fam­ily. His Royal High­ness Gyalsey Jigme Nam­gyel Wangchuck was re­ceived with a grand chip­drel cer­e­mony to the Nagt­shang said to have been

built by Jigme Nam­gyel. Their Majesties and His Royal High­ness of­fered prayers at the Guru Lhakhang in the Nagt­shang, which houses im­por­tant nangtens of Guru Rin­poche and Pema Lingpa. On the aus­pi­cious oc­ca­sion, His Majesty per­son­ally en­tered His Royal High­ness’ Name in an an­cient doc­u­ment that bears the names of all the an­ces­tors of the Wangchuck Dy­nasty, trac­ing back to Pema Lingpa. Among the relics, a cer­e­mo­nial hat that be­longed to Jigme Nam­gyel, which had re­mained with de­scen­dants in the village, was of­fered to His Majesty. The peo­ple of Dungkhar, gath­ered at the court­yard of the Nagt­shang to meet their Prince, wel­comed Their Majesties with Tshogchang of­fer­ing. Sa­cred chhams of Dungkhar were per­formed to mark the spe­cial oc­ca­sion. His Majesty in­tro­duced HRH to the peo­ple, and granted tokha. Their Majesties also vis­ited the Dungkhar Choeje Nagt­shang, where the an­ces­tors of Jigme Nam­gyel lived in the past. The Lhuentse Lam Neten de­scribed the Royal Visit as a prophetic moment of the com­ing to­gether of the past and present. “His Royal High­ness The Gyalsey was born in the year when the birth year of Guru Rin­poche co­in­cides with the 400th an­niver­sary of Zhab­drung’s ar­rival to Bhutan. And to­day, our Prince has graced the an­ces­tral soil of Dungkhar for the first time on the most holi­est of days, the tenth day of the mon­key month, on which Guru Rin­poche was born in the year of the fire male mon­key, which comes but once in a Rab­jung. “The karmic fruits of all our ac­tions are mul­ti­plied man­i­fold in such a day, and to have Their Majesties visit Dungkhar with The Gyalsey for the first time, on such a day, con­nect­ing the past with the present, will bring great ben­e­fit to our coun­try and peo­ple,” he said. “Since Dungkhar is the place from which Jigme Nam­gyel set forth, and con­nects our revered Kings to Pema Lingpa, and Guru Rin­poche, this is a great and sig­nif­i­cant event,” he added. The Lam Neten said that Lhuentse is also an im­por­tant place linked to Guru Rin­poche, as the site of sa­cred sites and nu­mer­ous trea­sures con­cealed in hid­den lands (baeyul) by the Guru. Their Majesties vis­ited Lhuentse Dzong on 14th June with His Royal High­ness, and of­fered prayers. Their Majesties and His Royal High­ness The Gyalsey ar­rived in Lhuentse 14th June, and were wel­comed by the peo­ple from across the dzongkhag, gath­ered at var­i­ous places along the way to meet their Prince, with of­fer­ings of tshogchang, flow­ers, and dhar.

His Majesty The King, Her Majesty The Gyalt­suen, and His Royal High­ness The Gyalsey in Dungkhar, the an­ces­tral home of the Wangchuck Dy­nasty, on the im­mensely aus­pi­cious oc­ca­sion of the birth an­niver­sary of Guru Rin­poche.

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