32 new cases of HIV/AIDS de­tected in the last six months

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With the di­ag­no­sis of 32 new ad­di­tional HIV/AIDS cases be­tween Jan­uary and June,2016, Bhutan now have 492 to­tal re­ported cases with equal pro­por­tion of male and fe­male. Among the 32 newly di­ag­nosed cases, 18 are male and 14 fe­male in­clud­ing 2 mi­nors (a case of mother- to-child trans­mis­sion).

While, eleven cases are put on life-long ART as their body im­mu­nity is be­low the nor­mal thresh­old. The cases are re­ported mostly from the un­em­ployed cat­e­gories and 80 per­cent of the re­ported cases are con­cen­trated in the pro­duc­tive age group (20-49 years). Among the newly di­ag­nosed cases, most of the in­fec­tions seems to be new as their base­line CD4 count are within the nor­mal range and above the treat­ment cut-off point, and this clearly sig­ni­fies the suc­cess of HIV pre­ven­tion pro­grammes in­clud­ing pro­mo­tion of HIV vol­un­tary coun­sel­ing & test­ing(VCT).

Bhutan now have the to­tal re­ported cases of 492 out of which 51 per­cent are male and 49 per­cent fe­male, 250 peo­ple have been put on life-long an­tiretro­vi­ral treat­ment (ART), since the ini­ti­a­tion of the treat­ment pro­gramme in the coun­try, The na­tional HIV/AIDS & STIs con­trol pro­gramme have recorded 86 deaths in­clud­ing 26 on ART, 19 non-Bhutanese HIV/AIDS cases have left the coun­try and one Bhutanese na­tional is cur­rently liv­ing out­side the coun­try.

Cur­rently 386 peo­ple are liv­ing with HIV/AIDS in the coun­try in­clud­ing 34 chil­dren. The pre­dom­i­nant mode of HIV trans­mis­sion still re­mains the ‘het­ero­sex­ual’.

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