South­ern Dzongkhags wreaked by heavy rain

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The rain in the south Dzongkhags has re­ally played havoc for a cou­ple of days. The road con­nect­ing the main town of the south­ern part of the coun­try has been washed away by the torrential rains. Many peo­ple have lost their homes and prop­er­ties. Fur­ther many bridges have been dam­aged caus­ing a huge loss to the govern­ment and many gewogs in the south­ern Dzongkhags has been cut off from the Dzongkhag head­quar­ters.

Peo­ple in Thim­phu have lined up the fuel sta­tions to re­fuel their cars in case the fuel de­pots run out of fuel on the block­age of the Thim­phu –Phuentshol­ing high­way. The fuel au­thor­i­ties had con­firmed that the fuel will last for two days and af­ter that they will get the sup­plies from the fuel de­pot in Dechen­chol­ing.

De­part­ment of Trade un­der the eco­nomic af­fairs min­istry says that they have enough stock of petrol and diesel in Thim­phu petrol pumps. In ad­di­tion, there are 10 tankers on tran­sit at block sites for the fuel to be de­liv­ered to Thim­phu. It has been con­firmed that the tankers will reach as soon as the blocks are cleared. The de­part­ment of trade has no­ti­fied the gen­eral pub­lic that there is no need to panic and there is enough fuel in stock at Dechen­chol­ing de­pots as well.

The ma­jor road block on the Thim­phu – Phuentshol­ing at Kamji which is about 22 km from Phuentshol­ing is clear for traf­fic. The other two ma­jor land­slides along high­way at Tak­tikoti and Gedu is clear for traf­fic. Also the block at Wangkha was also cleared for traf­fic yesterday af­ter­noon.

Project Dan­tak has em­ployed men and ma­chines to clear the eight land­slides on the Thim­phu – Phuentshol­ing . All ef­forts are be­ing made to clear the road as soon as pos­si­ble. A driver work­ing with Project Dan­tak was killed while clear­ing the land­slides as the truck he was driv­ing was hit by a pre­vi­ous land slide last Fri­day.

Sarpang Dzongkhag ex­pe­ri­enced the worst rain so far. The town along with the high­way that con­nects Gele­phu to Thim­phu has been com­pletely washed away. The Dzongkhag au­thor­i­ties with the help of armed forces, forestry, var­i­ous govern­ment agen­cies and DeSu­ups evac­u­ated the shop­keep­ers and other af­fected peo­ple to the safer place. The team has also been work­ing to­gether to en­sure that the peo­ple are kept away from harm and tak­ing all mea­sures pos­si­ble so that the flood­wa­ter does not cause ad­di­tional harm to the road and prop­erty.

In Geleg­phu the res­cue team sav­aging the wa­ter tank has to be with­drawn as Mao Khola bursts its banks and changes course pos­ing threat to lives of the team mem­bers. Mao Khola in Geleg­phu al­most sub­merges the wa­ter tank, lo­cated on its bank. The tank caters wa­ter to about 80 per­cent of res­i­dents of Geleg­phu. Heavy rain­fall that feeds the swollen river and the res­cue team was try­ing to save the wa­ter tank.

The Geleg­phu – Zhen­gang high­way has been blocked at Chisopani gate and box cut­ting where men and ma­chiner­ies were de­ployed to clear the de­bris at places where a por­tion of the rain had washed away a por­tion of the road.

The story is not dif­fer­ent in Phuentshol­ing the Amochhu em­bank­ment has been washed away by the swollen Amochhu and the flood wa­ter has en­tered the area which ear­lier houses the work­shops, ware­houses scrap shops and fur­ni­ture shops.

The road lead­ing to Lokcina gewog from Phuentshol­ing has been com­pleted blocked. The Pasakha – Phuentshol­ing road has been closed as the bridge over the Bhalo­jhora river has been dam­aged by the flood.. The road lead­ing to Bangay Bazar from Phuentshol­ing has also been dam­aged.

In Samtse a bai­ley bridge in Bud­ney about three kilo­me­ters from the town has col­lapsed last Fri­day morn­ing. Now with the col­lapse of the bridge nine gewogs un­der Sam­ste Dzongkhag has been cut off from the Dzongkhag head­quar­ter as of now.

Yesterday on the com­mand of His Majesty The King about 100 sol­diers from the Royal Bhutan Army (RBA) has been de­ployed to carry out the restora­tion work of the bridge at Dham­dum in Samtse.

The min­ster for In­for­ma­tion and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Ly­onpo DN Dungyel is cur­rently in Samtse mon­i­tor­ing the sit­u­a­tion there.

On the Trash­gang Samdrup Jongkher high­way as per the re­port from Dan­tak there were 11 land­slides and the road was opened to traf­fic last Fri­day only.

His Majesty The King met with the shop­keep­ers whose shops were washed away by flood and in­spected the ar­eas dam­aged, in Sarpang. His Majesty also met with the dzongkhag of­fi­cials and oth­ers in­volved in re­lief ef­forts. His Majesty The King also vis­ited the ar­eas along the Maukhola to as­sess dam­ages and risks posed to the struc­tures around there.

Ly­onch­hen Tsh­er­ing Tob­gay cut short his visit to Lingzhi Dungkhag and headed to­wards Phuentshol­ing to as­sess the threat from Amochhu in Phuentshol­ing yesterday. Today Ly­onch­hen will travel to Geleg­phu to ac­cess the dam­ages made by the rain there and over­see the re­lief op­er­a­tions.

On the way to Phuentshol­ing Ly­onch­hen was ac­com­pa­nied by Ly­onpo Dawa Gyelt­shen , the min­is­ter for home and cul­tural af­fairs to as­sess the road block at Wangkha on the Thim­phu - Phuentshol­ing high­way.

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