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C en­tre for Bhutan Stud­ies (CBS) and GNH Re­search or­ga­nized a one-day in­tro­duc­tory work­shop on Gross Na­tional Hap­pi­ness (GNH) for the jour­nal­ists to cre­ate aware­ness on the con­cept, prac­tice and mea­sure­ment of GNH.

GNH with nine do­mains and 33 in­di­ca­tors as the de­vel­op­men­tal phi­los­o­phy that be­lieves that de­vel­op­ment should be fol­lowed by value.

His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo, who is the founder of Gross Na­tional Hap­pi­ness said that GNH is more im­por­tant than Gross Na­tional Prod­uct (GNP).

Pro­vi­sional Find­ings of 2015 GNH sur­vey showed an in­crease in most of the in­di­ca­tors, but at the same time some in­di­ca­tors saw neg­a­tive re­sult.

All liv­ing stan­dard in­di­ca­tors like in­come, housing and as­sets of peo­ple in­creased, but giv­ing time and money to com­mu­nity has de­creased.

This shows that peo­ple have be­come rich in terms of money but their will­ing­ness to give have de­creased, so will there be any use of in­crease in in­come?

Look­ing at the re­sult of dzongkhag rank­ing by GNH in­dex it shows that Gasa dzongkhag has the high­est GNH in­dex of 0.087.

This re­sult shows that in or­der to be happy one need not have all the com­forts and wealths in their life or in their com­mu­nity. Gasa is one of the re­mote dzongkhag in the coun­try but in terms of hap­pi­ness it is in the lead.

If we mea­sure hap­pi­ness by the de­vel­op­ment, than Gasa might come in last but the GNH, which is the unique phi­los­o­phy mea­sures val­ues and hap­pi­ness of peo­ple.

Sim­i­larly, the high­est sig­nif­i­cant change was seen in Sam­drup Jongkhar where hap­pi­ness in­creased by 13 per­cent and least was seen in Da­gana dzongkhag which saw a de­crease in GNH in­dex by nine per­cent.

From the nine do­mains, no­tice­able changes oc­curred in com­mu­nity vi­tal­ity and health.

The per­cent­age con­tri­bu­tion of the com­mu­nity vi­tal­ity do­main has de­creased from 12.40 per­cent in 2010 to 11.56 per­cent in 2015.

How­ever, health con­tri­bu­tion has im­proved from 12.88 per­cent to 1.21 per­cent. This shows that as the coun­try em­barks its way to­ward de­vel­op­ment with val­ues, peo­ple are pro­vided with bet­ter fa­cil­i­ties to main­tain their health.

The 2015 GNH in­dex value is 0.756 com­pared to 2010 GNH in­dex of 0.743 per­cent. The over­all re­sult of the 2015 GNH Sur­vey re­port showed an in­crease in GNH in­dex which tells us that the coun­try’s de­vel­op­ment and peo­ple’s hap­pi­ness is in­creas­ing si­mul­ta­ne­ously.

The sense of be­long­ing has also de­creased along with the de­crease in Driglam Namzha (code of eti­quette).

The unique Driglam Namzha cul­ture that was pro­founded by Zhab­drung Ngawag Nam­gyel is de­grad­ing. It seems like peo­ple valu­ing this unique cul­ture is de­creas­ing yearly.

If it con­tin­ues to be the same than what will be the fu­ture of our coun­try?

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