All the po­lit­i­cal par­ties pledge to in­crease of civil ser­vant salaries and al­lowances

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All four po­lit­i­cal par­ties have pledges to in­crease the salaries and al­lowances of civil ser­vants and re­view­ing the Civil Ser­vice Act, ac­cord­ing to their man­i­festos.

Close to 50 per­cent of these civil ser­vants are in the pro­fes­sional and man­age­ment cadre, made up of mostly the teach­ing staff. To­day, there are as many as 28, 000 civil ser­vants in the coun­try.

Two po­lit­i­cal par­ties, Druk Nyam­rup Tshogpa ( DNT) and Druk Phuen­sum Tshogpa ( DPT) will raise the pay and al­lowances of civil ser­vants two times within five years, to keep pace with in­fla­tion and ris­ing cost of liv­ing and en­sure that the lower group re­ceives the higher raise.

Peo­ple's Demo­cratic Party (PDP)

Since it is the man­date of the Par­lia­ment to re­view and amend leg­is­la­tions, PDP will re­view and amend the RCSC Act to im­prove per­for­mance sys­tem, work­ing and ser­vice con­di­tions of our civil ser­vants and to make the re­tire­ment age the same for all cat­e­gories of civil ser­vants to 60.

PDP pledges aims to raise the ve­hi­cle quota from Nu. 800, 000 to Nu. 1, 500, 000 and pro­vide a one­time ve­hi­cle quota of Nu. 1, 500, 000 to civil ser­vants who are not el­i­gi­ble for ve­hi­cle quota but have put in long years of ser­vice.

Travel al­lowance and daily al­lowance TA/ DA and mileage will be sub­stan­tially raised for civil ser­vants in the lower cat­e­gory and make it equal across the board and LTC pay­ment shall be re­viewed for all level of civil ser­vants.

PDP shall raise the salaries of civil ser­vants and en­sure that the pay re­vi­sion ben­e­fits to mid and lower level of civil ser­vants the most and will also re­view and raise the salaries and ben­e­fits of the cor­po­rate sec­tor.

PDP says it shall de­velop af­ford­able hous­ing fa­cil­i­ties for civil ser­vants posted in ru­ral dzongkhags and gewogs, and shall cre­ate ex­am­i­na­tion cen­ters in the dzongkhags to con­duct Bhutan Civil Ser­vice Ex­am­i­na­tions in the dzongkhags.

Druk Phuen­sum Tshogpa (DPT)

DPT said that it shall re­spect and en­sure the in­de­pen­dence, in­tegrity and apo­lit­i­cal sta­tus of the civil ser­vice, as a con­sti­tu­tional in­sti­tu­tion.

Ac­cord­ing to the man­i­festo, DPT will re­vise and en­sure uni­form mileage en­ti­tle­ment to all civil ser­vants ir­re­spec­tive of their grades and po­si­tions, and re­view the ve­hi­cle quota sys­tem for civil ser­vice to spread ben­e­fits to other po­si­tions and in­crease the max­i­mum value of im­port ex­emp­tion from Nu. 800, 000 to Nu. 1, 200, 000.

In close con­sul­ta­tion with RCSC, DPT shall en­hance pro­fes­sional ex­cel­lence of every civil ser­vant through trans­par­ent, fair and merit based pro­mo­tion and reg­u­lar train­ing pro­grammes and en­hance the job se­cu­rity, salary, al­lowances and post- re­tire­ment ben­e­fits of NWF, GSP and ESP.

It shall also re­view and rec­om­mend the con­tin­u­a­tion of study leave for qual­i­fi­ca­tion up­grad­ing civil ser­vants, and pur- sue the pol­icy of reg­u­lar em­ploy­ment and ex­plore reg­u­lar­iza­tion of the ser­vices of con­tract em­ploy­ees, such as teach­ers, ma­trons and war­dens, lab­o­ra­tory as­sis­tants, spe­cial sports in­struc­tors, as­sis­tant re­search of­fi­cers, early child­care and de­vel­op­ment ( ECCD) cen­ter & Non- For­mer Ed­u­ca­tion ( NFE) in­struc­tors, gedrungs and oth­ers on con­sol­i­dated pay.

DPT will in­crease pa­ter­nity leave from 10 days to 15 days and in­crease be­reave­ment leave from 21 days to 30 days. It will also pro­vide ded­i­cated duty ve­hi­cles to all ex­ec­u­tive level of­fi­cers.

Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party (BKP)

BKP shall in­voke Ar­ti­cle 30 of the Con­sti­tu­tion and em­power the pay com­mis­sion to re­vise the salary and al­lowances of the civil ser­vants, re­struc­ture and ra­tio­nal­ize TA/ DA and re­tire­ment ben­e­fits. It shall re­view the Civil Ser­vice Act 2010, and if nec­es­sary, pro­pose for an amend­ment, so that the con­cerns of the civil ser­vants can be bet­ter dealt with.

BKP will also de­velop af­ford­able hous­ing schemes for civil ser­vants.

Druk Nyam­rup Tshogpa ( DNT)

DNT pledges to pro­vide re­al­is­tic salaries and al­lowances to civil ser­vants, rea­son be­ing that the cost of liv­ing is in­creas­ing every year, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult, es­pe­cially for those in the lower and mid­dle in­come groups, to meet ex­penses for house rent, food, ed­u­cat­ing chil­dren and other costs.

It shall in­sti­tute a mech­a­nism to pro­vide re­al­is­tic salaries that take into ac­count the na­tional econ­omy and in­creased costs of liv­ing. DNT will en­sure that the an­nual in­crease is fair, es­pe­cially in con­sid­er­a­tion of those in the lower and mid­dle po­si­tions of the Po­si­tion Clas­si­fi­ca­tion Sys­tem ( PCS).

Mean­while, DNT aims to iden­tify salaries that need re­vi­sion reg­u­larly rather than wait­ing for change in gov­ern­ment. Uni­form TA and DSA shall be provided to all civil ser­vants. Ap­pro­pri­ate al­lowances for civil ser­vants, such as those with spe­cial skills in need, for ex­tra hours of work, risk al­lowances and high achiev­ers at na­tional and in­ter­na­tional fo­rums shall be in­sti­tuted.

Close to 50 per­cent of these civil ser­vants are in the pro­fes­sional and man­age­ment cadre, made up of mostly the teach­ing staff

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