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On any given day, if you hitch a ride in my car, the cap­tion is: Dirty car. Ride at your own risk.

There isn’t a week­end that goes by with­out this con­ver­sa­tion be­tween my hus­band and me:

Me: Please take the car for a wash.

Hus­band: What for? The roads ain’t done yet.

I badly want to pat him “good good” for say­ing some­thing right (for once). But my car - I mean my “dirty” car? Firstly, there are these school go­ers whose first and last thing in a day is to dirty the car with cho­co­late wrap­pers, plas­tic bags and pa­pers. In­clud­ing my lit­tle daugh­ter’s shoe marks on the dash­board, for she be­lieves that’s the right way to close it af­ter tak­ing out her snacks. And then, our roads.

Oh, our roads. When was the last time I wished we had sta­ble roads?

Yes, you are right. I find it eas­i­est to blame the dusty roads for the dirty car I drive. When I drive on a well main­tained road like the stretch from the Olarongchu workshop area con­nect­ing to Sem­tokha, I say, “Doesn’t this road feel like you are driv­ing in New York?” (I haven’t been to New York yet, let alone drive there...but the roads give me that feel­ing). I so so love that short drive ev­ery morn­ing and evening. So swift. So smooth. So pot­hole free, for I am most glad when I don’t have to change the gear. Lazy me driver.

Un­like the other route via Lungten­phug. Then, my thoughts take a 180 turn: Time that I gained some weight to be able to drive on this road; my bones are get­ting bruised to the mar­rows! It is such kind of roads which dusts my old ma­chine. Hence I rea­son out the lame ex­cuse for those risk-tak­ers who ride with me.

This is Thim­phu I am talk­ing about. Any­where out­side the perime­ter of the city, the roads are go­ing through re­vamps, re­pair and main­te­nance. This partly ex­plains why I don’t drive be­yond 15 kms from Thim­phu (my poor car). This also ex­plains why a col­league was asked, “Where did this car come from?” af­ter a round trip from Pu­nakha.

All said. Un­til the roads go sta­ble, the cap­tion shall re­main. Will a year or so be long wait? Me thinks pos­i­tive... it be sooner!

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