Business Bhutan - - Editorial - KEZANG CHODEN The writer is a fi­nal year stu­dent at Royal Thim­phu Col­lege

A good taste in mu­sic in­dis­pens­ably con­trib­utes to build­ing your per­sona. By good I mean a unique and per­sonal sphere of in­ter­est, not lik­ing what­ever song that hits Top 40 on Bill­board. Speak­ing of Bill­board, re­mem­ber Bieber’s Baby that charted top 10 in 2010 and be­came a global teenan­them? Now it’d be quite em­bar­rass­ing to have the song on our phone. Main­stream mu­sic refers to songs that be­come ex­tremely pop­u­lar for a week, month or year and then they’re gone. There are de­bates sur­round­ing why pop-songs are main­stream not oth­ers, and whether per­sonal charm is ab­sent in today’s money-clad songs. For one, pop-songs are pop­u­lar be­cause they’re writ­ten to be pop­u­lar, so in­di­vid­ual aes­theti­cism is in­her­ently less in th­ese com­po­si­tions. Two, mu­si­cians today care more about what they wear to the Red Car­pet, how many man­sions they own, which is­land they rented for a party, who they’re dat­ing etc. Sub­se­quently mu­sic is los­ing its true beauty. A lot of peo­ple blindly like what­ever song that plays the most on T.V and ra­dio. In Bhutan, it’d be T.V and the In­ter­net. I think a ma­jor­ity of Bhutanese watch the In­dian English mu­sic chan­nel 9XO. Teenagers might be ap­pre­hen­sive about lis­ten­ing to non-main­stream mu­sic be­cause they’re afraid their peer group might think they’re weird and un­cool. But today re­belling against pop­u­lar cul­ture is kind of the new cool! This im­plies that con­form­ists who are too scared to ex­plore other mu­sic gen­res lis­ten to main­stream mu­sic and sing along to val­ues that nei­ther be­long to them nor do they sup­port. Most main­stream songs are writ­ten by pro­fes­sional song-writ­ers and sung by over­rated singers, re­sult­ing in lack of per­sonal and emo­tional di­men­sions. Th­ese songs hardly con­vey mes­sages that the singers want the world to hear. The com­mon themes of pop-songs are sex, money, phys­i­cal at­trac­tion, re­la­tion­ship, jeal­ousy and ha­tred. Even the cho­ruses, beats and rhythms are ho­mog­e­nized; they’re rau­cous and noisy. That said, it doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean all the main­stream songs are bad. It re­ally de­pends on an in­di­vid­ual’s choice and in­ter­est. It only be­comes sad and un­cool when you like pop-songs be­cause ev­ery­one else likes them too. For in­stance there are peo­ple who have or have never watched a sin­gle episode of Game of Thrones, or played Poke­mon Go and Clash of Clans. That’s to­tally okay. The rea­sons should be per­sonal, not sight­less con­form­ing.

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