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• First aid kit – as needed. • Malaria – take pre­cau­tion wher­ever you go. • Med­i­cal in­sur­ance – good to have. • Yel­low fever vac­ci­na­tion – not com­pul­sory, but out­breaks do oc­cur.


• No­tify your bank that you’ll be us­ing your credit and debit cards out­side of South Africa. • Use lo­cal ATMs to draw lo­cal cur­rency like pula (Botswana) and kwacha (Zam­bia). You can use rands in Namibia and US dol­lars in Zim­babwe and Zam­bia.


• Cell­phone – save money on roam­ing charges by buy­ing a lo­cal SIM card for your phone. Buy a data pack­age so you can What­sApp your friends. • In­ter­net – most places you’ll stay at will have (slow) Wi-Fi.


Widely avail­able in larger towns. Have cash handy be­cause your cards prob­a­bly won’t be ac­cepted.


Drive slowly be­cause Botswana traf­fic of­fi­cials don’t play around.

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