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BU­RUNDI, where eth­nic pol­i­tics is out in the open, has stag­nated eco­nom­i­cally, which partly ex­plains the huge op­po­si­tion to Nku­run­z­iza. In Rwanda un­der Kagame’s rule, the po­lit­i­cal use of eth­nic sen­ti­ments has been outlawed as the gov­ern­ment pur­sues a head­long drive for eco­nomic growth and mod­erni­sa­tion. In sta­tis­ti­cal terms, Kagame has suc­ceeded and Rwanda has seen un­prece­dented eco­nomic progress. On the pol­i­tics, the jury is still out. That is why Kagame, who is thought to be plan­ning his own third term for 2017, is watch­ing Bu­rundi so closely.

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