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Av­er­age Size Sharks some­times en­ter a nat­u­ral state of paral­y­sis that can also be in­duced by hu­mans in two dif­fer­ent ways: Tonic im­mo­bil­ity oc­curs when the an­i­mal is turned up­side down, and this method is of­ten used by re­searchers to re­strain sharks when work­ing with them. In­ter­est­ingly, a sim­i­lar re­sult can also be achieved by touch­ing sen­si­tive re­cep­tors around the shark’s snout Fe­males be­gin to re­pro­duce when they have reached around two me­tres in length, giv­ing birth to four to six pups ev­ery other year. The ges­ta­tion pe­riod is around one year and the re­pro­duc­tion method is vi­vip­a­rous, mean­ing the de­vel­op­ing em­bryos are nour­ished in­side the mother via a pla­cen­tal con­nec­tion This leech is a par­a­site of sharks and oc­curs world­wide in trop­i­cal to sub­trop­i­cal wa­ters. It is nor­mally seen at­tached to the gills or fins of sharks

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