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Asian Diver (English) - - Shark -

This shark feeds al­most ex­clu­sively on pelagic school­ing fishes such as her­ring, mack­erel and fly­ing fish. They may also con­sume pelagic squid and cut­tle­fish, and are known to fol­low large schools of fish into shal­low wa­ter where they then at­tack with their long, pow­er­ful tail Found in warm and tem­per­ate off­shore wa­ters of the Pa­cific and In­dian oceans, but re­li­able records are lack­ing partly due to its con­fu­sion with other thresher shark species

the Red Sea, Ara­bian Sea, Mal­dives, So­ma­lia, South Africa, Western Aus­tralia, China, Tai­wan, Japan, New Cale­do­nia, Hawai­ian Is­lands and Tahiti

East­ern Pa­cific: Gulf of Cal­i­for­nia and

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