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Corals are sen­si­tive to changes in tem­per­a­ture, and an in­crease of just two de­grees Cel­sius over a few weeks to months can be enough to cause cat­a­strophic coral bleach­ing. When corals are stressed from the warmer wa­ter, they ex­pel their pho­to­syn­thetic zoox­an­thel­lae al­gae which are crit­i­cal to their sur­vival.

Once the zoox­an­thel­lae al­gae leaves, the corals turn a ghostly white colour and it is dif­fi­cult for them to sur­vive. When corals are bleached, harm­ful al­gae tak­ing over the corals. And with the loss of her­biv­o­rous fish, these al­gae can quickly out-com­pete and kill the coral.

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