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Neay Kroeun: A Man with a Great Sense of Hu­mour.

His com­edy sta­tus can never be re­voked— and his ca­reer has only mush­roomed since. Neay Kre­oun, how­ever, never fails to make you en­ter­tained. His jokes are known to be the fun­ni­est with­out mak­ing phys­i­cal ef­forts.

Neay Kroeun, whose real name is Chem Saroeun, was born in a poor fam­ily with 7 mem­bers in Svay Rieng prov­ince. De­spite the fact that his par­ents are farm­ers, Neay Kroeun has com­pleted a pri­mary ed­u­ca­tion un­til he de­cided to drop out of school in 7th grade when he felt that his fam­ily was in need of people to take care of the fam­ily. Born as a sec­ond son in the fam­ily, Kroeun feels that he needs to be re­spon­si­ble for his fam­ily by help­ing what he can do to sus­tain his fam­ily sit­u­a­tions. Kroeun re­called what he did in his child­hood that, “In a rainy sea­son, I went fish­ing—try­ing to find some prof­its to help my fam­ily, while in a dry sea­son; I am look­ing for a job to do”.

For 10 years, he ended up hav­ing a job as a con­struc­tion worker, while his older brother—Perk Mi who is a well-known co­me­dian star in Cam­bo­dia—was also look­ing for a job un­til he ap­plied to CTN Chan­nel pro­gram for a com­edy show called “Moha Kom­plaeng” in 2010. Perk Mi, later, en­cour­aged Neay Kroeun to stop be­ing a con­struc­tion worker and be­come one of his co­me­dian crews. The de­ci­sion was made quickly in 2011. Kroeun was a part of Perk Mi Co­me­dian crews even though he con­sid­ered him­self that he has no po­ten­tial in com­edy ca­reer be­fore.

Neay Kroeun de­scribed his feel­ings for the first ex­pe­ri­ence of his show that is full of ner­vous­ness and anx­i­ety to be on a stage. “I was al­most un­con­scious. I felt very ner­vous when I saw a lot of au­di­ences were look­ing at me. That made me feel tense, I did not know how to per­form, [I did not know] how to talk be­cause I had never done that be­fore. To me, I didn’t even know what per­form­ing stage was, what mi­cro­phone was. Ev­ery­thing is very dif­fer­ent.”

For­tu­nately, his hard-work­ing takes off. His sense of hu­mour en­ter­tains many people all over the coun­try. Nowa­days, Neay Kroeun ap­pears in five com­edy shows in CTN and MYTV chan­nel such as Reatrey Kom­san, Som­n­erch Tam Phum, Pteas Lorkta, Som­n­erch Reatrey, Reatrey Som­nob Jet. Be­sides be­ing a co­me­dian star in the tele­vi­sion chan­nel, Kroeun also ap­peared in a num­ber of Kh­mer movies such as Arb Peak Mouk So­vatepheap part 1 and 2, Preay Pnek 4, Koun Prosa Ler Ker, Krolor Ey Neng, Jam Ta Klach Ter and so on. Kroeun said that act­ing in a movie is not dif­fer­ent from per­form­ing on stage be­cause it still keeps the orig­i­nal­ity of his com­edy style. How­ever, he stated some dif­fi­cul­ties to be­come a co­me­dian star.

“No­body can teach us the sense of hu­mour. I just got in­structed on how to make a char­ac­ter as a co­me­dian, how to tell jokes, how to make fa­cial ex­pres­sion. For our per­sonal com­edy style, we need to dis­cover by our­selves—no­body is go­ing to help us with that.”

This com­edy star hopes that he can sus­tain his fame in the en­ter­tain­ment ca­reer. In his free time, Kroeun likes to play sports such as vol­ley­ball with his brother, Perk Mi. And most im­por­tantly, he never for­gets to come back to his beloved home­town and do the ac­tiv­i­ties that he used to do in the past.

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