Can you swipe hap­pily ever af­ter?

Some in­sight

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I’ve been here for al­most 6 months and I can hon­estly say I have been on zero dates. It’s not be­cause I don’t want to date or that I am be­ing ridicu­lously picky. I have come to the con­clu­sion that it is dif­fi­cult to find a ro­man­tic en­counter living in such a small town. To speak truth, it is not hard to meet peo­ple here at all. Take for granted, the amounts peo­ple you meet through work may be ideal for the first few months but you get to a point where see­ing them on a daily ba­sis can be frus­trat­ing or an­noy­ing.

Cu­rios­ity gets the best of me

Be­ing a nat­u­rally cu­ri­ous per­son, I am al­ways ask­ing peo­ple, “How do you meet some­one here?” My track record proves that even be­fore I get the chance to know some­one, I al­ways end up mak­ing ex­cuses or find­ing some­thing I don’t like about them. What ap­peals to me about tin­der, is that you must find out as much in­for­ma­tion you can about them be­fore you can cross them off as po­ten­tially dat­able. Here I also found my­self ques­tion­ing whether it is plau­si­ble to date some­one that could have al­ready dated your clos­est friend or even the fact that you can’t re­ally avoid them, say if you found you weren’t in­ter­ested. On av­er­age, most peo­ple I have met are ei­ther in long term re­la­tion­ships or are re­ally sin­gle, and by re­ally sin­gle I mean- ex­plor­ing and find­ing them­selves, tak­ing ad­van­tage of the fact they are in a for­eign coun­try and are en­joy­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ties of meet­ing new peo­ple ev­ery day. Apart from the old cliché (love at first sight), th­ese cou­ples ei­ther moved here to­gether, met the old fash­ioned way at a bar/ club or most ex­cit­ingly, have joined the on­line dat­ing app, Tin­der!

Al­ways be mind­ful, keep your wits about you

We’ve all heard of the hor­ror sto­ries about the creeps and their cheesy pick up lines, but in ac­tual fact, be­ing sin­gle and new to a city, this ap­pli­ca­tion is a great way to in­tro­duce your­self and broaden your net­work of peo­ple that could nor­mally be limited by work events or the reg­u­lars at the lo­cal hotspots. Tin­der gives you the op­por­tu­nity to po­ten­tially “swipe right” and match with that good-look­ing guy you al­ways see out but was al­ways too afraid to ap­proach. Be­ing a small town, there is a good chance he/she is prob­a­bly on there.

Are you ready to join Tin­der?

Depend­ing on what you are look­ing for be it some new friends, a po­ten­tial ro­man­tic part­ner or a good times (one night stand), be hon­est and up front about it, the per­son would much ap­pre­ci­ate it and it shows your hon­esty, which is al­ways a great trait to have. Hon­estly, all you have to re­mem­ber is that most peo­ple could be in the ex­act same sit­u­a­tion as you, want­ing to make new friends and meet peo­ple, so play nice!

Tak­ing the plunge

I have al­ways wanted to test it out, so on a Fri­day night af­ter a few drinks with a girl­friend of mine, throw in some drunken courage and lots of laugh­ter, I too be­came a “swiper” of this lit­eral menu of men.

Easy to get car­ried away

Sign­ing up was very easy and quite fast (au­to­mat­i­cally cre­ates a pro­file from your ex­ist­ing Face­book page), af­ter a quick demo of how to work the app; my first po­ten­tial date was Se­bas­tian, 34. His pro­file pic­ture was plain; he wore a white busi­ness shirt and some­what shy smile. What ini­tially in­trigued me was how he wasn’t look­ing di­rectly at the cam­era, as corny as that sounds that is what at­tracted me. Just from this one pic­ture all th­ese as­sump­tions flew into my mind. You un­con­sciously What I’ve learnt from this ini­tial ex­pe­ri­ence is how judg­men­tal this app lit­er­ally makes you. It makes you more aware and skep­ti­cal at the same time, which be­lieve it or not, isn’t a ter­ri­ble thing. It’s not all bad and not ev­ery­one on there is des­per­ate for love and af­fec­tion. I will ad­mit, it is ac­tu­ally quite handy to meet new peo­ple if you are new to a place, but with the con­no­ta­tion with be­ing a dat­ing app, ev­ery­one as­sumes that you would be there for one thing, ei­ther com­pan­ion­ship or a good time. But that’s not to say you can’t make friends us­ing it ei­ther.

Some tips for new TINDERers:

Do not be too judg­men­tal as you’re al­ready on the app, be open to speak­ing and meet­ing many in­ter­est­ing peo­ple. Just be your­self and en­joy the ride Re­mem­ber most peo­ple on here are most likely in­ter­ested in the same things you are, peo­ple who travel most of­ten have many similarities and in­ter­est­ing sto­ries to share Try to avoid pro­files with no pro­file pic­ture- if they seem seedy, most likely they are Al­ways be care­ful and mind­ful if you are go­ing on your first tin­der date. Do it in a public place, with heaps of peo­ple and start with a cof­fee, that way its dur­ing the day Best of luck swip­ing, would love to hear your dat­ing or tin­der ex­pe­ri­ences, stay tuned for Part II in our next is­sue. Be safe and have fun! Peace

Cin­derella, xo

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