Pro­tect­ing Your Lungs 13 tips

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Lungs are one of the most im­por­tant parts of your body, which helps you to breathe. We in­take oxy­gen and breathe out car­bon diox­ide. The qual­ity of air that we in­take re­sults in the good or bad health of our lungs. There are many types of lung dis­eases like asthma, bron­chi­tis, al­lergy, lung can­cer, Sar­coido­sis, In­ter­sti­tial lung dis­ease, Tu­ber­cu­lo­sis, sleep ap­nea etc. There are dif­fer­ent causes for th­ese dis­eases but the fol­low­ing are the ba­sic points that can be con­sid­ered to pro­tect the lung dis­ease.

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