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THE­MAN: Can you in­tro­duce your­self?

RUCO: My name is Ruco Chan. I’m from TVB.

THE­MAN: Where are you from?

RUCO: Hokkien.

THE­MAN: How was your child­hood like?

RUCO: I was a naughty child, but I like sports.

THE­MAN: How did you start up your ca­reer as an ac­tor?

RUCO: I think it’s a fate. Since child­hood, I did not like to watch films or drama. Un­til one day, when I was a Ping-Pong player, I started to know a per­son who likes act­ing. So, I started to pay at­ten­tion to it then started this ca­reer.

THE­MAN: So, did you plan to be an ac­tor since you were a kid?

RUCO: No, when I was young, I never wanted to be an ac­tor. I wanted to be a sports coach.

THE­MAN: What makes you change your mind to be an ac­tor?

RUCO: Fate. There were many times that I got to meet with a lot of film di­rec­tors and ac­tors, and that was a chance which made me in­volve in act­ing ca­reer. It was in 1995, there were many peo­ple on the street look­ing for ac­tor and actress to shoot TV com­mer­cials.

THE­MAN: How did you get dis­cov­ered in TVB?

RUCO: In 1995, there were many film schools, and peo­ple had to pay to the school if they wanted to teach there. So, I knew one film direc­tor, and he asked me to ap­ply the CV to TVB. In TVB, you

didn’t need to pay money to join, and you also got the paid from them. THE­MAN: How many movies/dra­mas have you acted so far?

RUCO: I can­not re­mem­ber, but it’s about 40 for dra­mas and more than 20 movies. I like to act in a movie more than drama, be­cause my first act­ing was in a movie.

THE­MAN: Usu­ally, what kind of char­ac­ter you like to per­form?

RUCO: I like some­thing new, new char­ac­ter etc.

THE­MAN: Is it your first time com­ing to Cam­bo­dia?

RUCO: Yes, it is my first time.

THE­MAN: What makes you happy in life?

my RUCO: fa­vorite. Play­ing sports and eat­ing de­li­cious food. Trav­el­ing is also THE­MAN:your busy sched­ule?What is your fa­vorite ac­tiv­ity when you’re free from

RUCO: Eat­ing Sal­ads. It does not make you fat.

THE­MAN: Can you de­scribe your style?

RUCO: I like ev­ery style, but my fa­vorite style is wear­ing some­thing loose and sport clothes.

THE­MAN: Any last mes­sage for Cam­bo­dian fans?

RUCO: Thank you Cam­bo­dian fans for the sup­port, and please keep watch­ing my TV shows. If you watch my shows more, I will come to visit Cam­bo­dia more.

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