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Caf­feine, nico­tine and al­co­hol. Cof­fee, tea, cola and other caf­feine-con­tain­ing drinks are well-known stim­u­lants. Drink­ing cof­fee in the late af­ter­noon and later can keep you from fall­ing asleep at night. Nico­tine in to­bacco prod­ucts is another stim­u­lant that can cause in­som­nia. Al­co­hol is a seda­tive that may help you fall asleep, but it pre­vents deeper stages of sleep and of­ten causes you to awaken in the mid­dle of the night. Eat­ing too much late in the evening. Hav­ing a light snack be­fore bed­time is OK, but eat­ing too much may cause you to feel phy-

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