3. Start iron­ing.

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Al­ways keep the iron mov­ing; never let it sit still over any part of the gar­ment. If there’s a stub­born wrin­kle that re­fuses to iron out, spray some wa­ter on it and iron over with steam. Be­gin at the ma­jor ar­eas and fin­ish with the cor­ners. Once you iron a sec­tion, move the gar­ment away from you. If you move it to­wards you, it may wrin­kle as you lean over it and pos­si­bly push it against the iron­ing board. Acrylic knits - since they can warp when wet and warm, let the fab­ric cool and dry com­pletely be­fore mov­ing it. Cor­duroy - hold the iron just above the gar­ment so that the steam thor­oughly pen­e­trates the fab­ric, then smooth it along the ribs with your palm. Pleats - hold them in place with pa­per clips (just be care­ful that the clips don’t snag or dam­age the fab­ric). Sleeves - use

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