4. Turn the fab­ric over and iron the right side.

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This will en­sure that the right side is im­mac­u­late and any creases you ac­ci­den­tally cre­ate are ironed to the back, where it mat­ters less. How­ever, iron­ing both sides is op­ti­mal. If you used the alu­minum foil as out­lined ear­lier, you may not need to iron the other side. Check out the type of fab­ric you’re us­ing to see whether you need to iron the other side Cot­ton and silky rayon shouldn’t be ironed on the wrong side at all. Polyester can be ironed on ei­ther or both sides; if in doubt, iron the wrong side and stop there. For del­i­cate fab­rics or those with vi­brant col­ors you’d like to pre­serve, try to get all the wrinkles out by iron­ing the wrong side (iron­ing on the right side can give dark col­ors an un­wanted sheen).

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