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From the start of the down­swing, my left hip is turn­ing be­hind my torso. It’s most no­tice­able at im­pact, and it sig­ni­fies that my lower-body ro­ta­tion is lead­ing the way to the ball. What you don’t want to see is the lead shoul­der di­rectly above the lead hip as you swing down. That’s a clas­sic sign that the club is com­ing from out­side the tar­get line—and the ball’s go­ing to slice.


Shift­ing to­ward the tar­get on the down­swing is crit­i­cal, but not to be over­looked is what my feet re­veal here. The toes of my left foot have rolled off the ground, prov­ing that my weight has moved into my left heel. That al­lows me to straighten my lead leg so I can pivot my body and swing around that leg like a post. On the other side, the heel of my right foot is off the ground. That shows I’m push­ing through for ex­tra lev­er­age into the ball.


My hips have re­ally ro­tated through, but you can see here that the up­per half of my body is not go­ing as hard—it’s ba­si­cally fac­ing the ball. Also, my right shoul­der is still sub­stan­tially lower than my left. Cam says th­ese po­si­tions cre­ate a con­duit for mov­ing the en­ergy I’ve cre­ated dur­ing the down­swing out to the club­head for max­i­mum speed.


There are two things to no­tice re­gard­ing my head po­si­tion. The first is, de­spite a lot of lower-body thrust, my head looks to be in the po­si­tion it would be at ad­dress. If it didn’t re­main pretty sta­ble dur­ing the swing, cen­ter-face con­tact would be a se­ri­ous chal­lenge. The se­cond thing is, I ap­pear to be look­ing at the ground be­hind the club­head. This proves I’m ”stay­ing be­hind the ball,” as teach­ers say. It helps me square the club­face at im­pact and sling the club out to the ball.


This photo is a milli-se­cond af­ter im­pact, but the ori­en­ta­tion of the club sug­gests it’s mov­ing level to the ground or slightly up­ward. With a driver, that’s what you want to max­i­mize your launch an­gle and carry dis­tance. You also can see the club­face is very solid—still look­ing at the ball. I re­mem­ber this drive ended up in the fair­way, Po­si­tion A.

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