The Best Ex­er­cises for Mus­cle Growth

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The best ex­er­cises for mus­cle growth are ones that re­quire you to use mul­ti­ple joints. For ex­am­ple, squats, cleans, dead­lifts and bench presses are all very ef­fec­tive at help­ing your mus­cles get big­ger, and for ton­ing your en­tire body. So how much weight should you lift? Your mus­cles must be sub­jected to enough weight for ac­tual mus­cle fiber tear­ing to oc­cur, and for most peo­ple, that means lift­ing about 65-85 per­cent of what you could nor­mally lift only one time (this is called your ”one rep max” or ”1RM”). For ex­am­ple, if you can bench press 100 pounds, then your weight for in­creas­ing the size of your chest mus­cles would be 65-85 pounds. Most peo­ple can lift 65-85 per­cent for 8-12 rep­e­ti­tions. Be­cause your mus­cles need a sig­nif­i­cant amount of time un­der ten­sion (about 60 sec­onds) for ac­tual mus­cle tear­ing to oc­cur, you need

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