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In Laos, Sauers practically OD’ed on espresso (“smooth, creamy, with the faintest trace of bitterness”) from one guide, Koffie, who explained that trees on the same farm can yield beans with different qualities, depending on the soil. Another guide, Hook, explained Katu life. “A family from his village was spending five years alone in the forest because their son had fallen from a tree and died. Villagers believed only isolation would ward off the evil spirit that had caused the fall. Stories like this are a reminder that our planet contains an amazing diversity of cultures.” Instagram: @cksauers. —

Sai Ying Pun, one of the oldest districts in Hong Kong, was developed in the 1800s as the first British military camp. Now, most “residents are a mix of university students and older folks,” Leung Hayes says. “There’s so much good food. My favorite is the lu rou fan (braised pork on rice) at Qing Zuo.” Antony Yu is the third-generation owner of chili sauce masters Yu Kwen Yick. “My grandfather used to sell the sauces by carrying the stock on a pole across his shoulders and walking from Sai Ying Pun to North Point,” Yu says. Kwen yick means “benefit for all”—a fitting motto for the neighborhood. Instagram: @e_ting.

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