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FOR FILIPINO NEWS presenter Rico Hizon, the rich culture and natural landscape of his homeland are a constant surprise. Venturing deeper than he ever had before, Hizon joined BBC Earth wildlife expert Mike Dilger on a 3,000-kilometer trip from Palawan Island to the jungles of Luzon for their upcoming documentary series, Philippines: Island Treasures. For Hizon, it was the cuisine that amazed him most: “Generally, adobo has the same basic ingredients. But on this journey, I learned that each region, each island, sometimes even each town, may have their own style of cooking it. They tailor their recipe to what ingredients they have locally or seasonally.” For Dilger, the trip was a biologist’s dream, and releasing a captive-raised endangered Philippine Crocodile into the wild was a thrill. “Standing ankle-deep in the water, I loosened the grip of the crocodile in my hands, only to watch it momentarily float on the surface, before a quick swish of its tail saw it disappear from view.” Here, Dilger and Hizon share some highlights from their trip.




The coral reefs around Coron are simply world-class. Situated in the fabled “Coral Triangle,” stretching from the Philippines in the north to Indonesia further west and the Solomon Islands in the east, the diversity of marine life here is off the Richter scale. Dipping into the bath-warm water to scope out the sea life feels just like dropping into the world's largest fish tank.


Embarking on a journey through remote corners of the Philippines, biologist Mike Dilger and BBC World News presenter Rico Hizon get closer to nature while filming a new travel series.

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