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“Fiji may look like just another paradise, but it’s surprisingly soulful, warm and multidimensional. My boat trip in the mangroves at Nanuku Auberge Resort left a deep impression and helped me understand the delicate environmental balance of

Fiji. Also, the Fijian singing can soften even the stonehearted. Fiji will only become more popular with the new hotels and new flights from Japan and the U.S., so now is the chance to experience it before the crowds. And once you get in-country, there’s even better news about flying: Seaplane pilots don’t need to wear shoes.”

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“A new ferry launching this year will make Bruny easier to reach from Tasmania.

It’s on the cusp of change as residents examine how to cope with unexpectedly burgeoning tourism. The coastline varies from dramatic cliffs fringed with rain forest to turquoise bays surrounded by eucalypts; if you’re lucky, frolicking dolphins might guide your ferry across. It is also home to a huge variety of birds, some endangered. The island wonderfully covers the four main food groups: cheese, oysters, whisky and wine. A freshly shucked oyster is hard to beat seaside.” Instagram: @rachelbartholomeusz.

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