Isle of Bites

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On a whirlwind family roadtrip around Bruny Island, Rachel Bartholomeusz finds the local fare so plentiful it's worth missing the flight back home.

AT THE BOTTOM OF THE GLOBE, across the treacherous Bass Strait from Australia, is the island of Tasmania. And off the southern coast of Tasmania, is Bruny—an island twice removed from the rest of the world.

For some, the reward for journeying to this remote corner of the earth is its rugged natural beauty. For me, beauty comes in the form of briny oysters plucked straight from the sea, locally brewed beer and raw-milk cheeses. Bruny Island is home to the first Australian producers of cheese using unpasteurized milk, which was illegal in the country until 2014—a fact that is but one piece of evidence that Bruny has some of the best produce in Australia. But the barrier to entry is getting there.

Tasmanians had warned that the day trip I had planned with my husband, my sister and her boyfriend before catching an evening flight

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