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A new sur­vey found that mil­len­ni­als go on 5.6 trips per year, mak­ing them the most fre­quent va­ca­tion­ers. Un­sur­pris­ingly, given the age group’s fa­mously short­ened at­ten­tion spans, their va­ca­tions are also the short­est.

The on­line sur­vey con­ducted by North­star Re­search Part­ners and Ex­pe­dia Me­dia So­lu­tions — which polled 1,001 Amer­i­cans who’d taken time off in the last year — in­di­cated va­ca­tions taken by mil­len­ni­als last an av­er­age of just 6.2 days.

Why are mil­len­ni­als (peo­ple be­tween ages 24-35) trav­el­ling so fre­quently? Sup­pos­edly, it’s be­cause they want to cross things off their bucket lists and they fig­ure go­ing on short trips is the best way to ac­com­plish that goal.

Other gen­er­a­tions, Gen Z (18-23), Gen X (35-50), and baby boomers (51-69) were also sur­veyed.

All four of the age groups found it chal­leng­ing to stay off their phones while va­ca­tion­ing – none more so than Gen Z. The sur­vey found 78% — yikes! — of Gen Zers couldn’t stop tex­ting while trav­el­ling. #LikeDuh.

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