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I’m nowhere near Riverdale’s tar­get au­di­ence. But Riverdale is like the Jin­gle Jan­gle to my Tv-view­ing heart. Do I roll my eyes at their teenage shenani­gans? Yes, al­most as good as Veron­ica does. Up un­til now, it’s been rou­tine soapy view­ing but this week’s episode was what I was wait­ing for. Any con­fu­sion as to why the Black Hood was at­tack­ing ran­dom peo­ple be­came clearer, thanks to his con­nec­tion to Betty.

He wants to cleanse Riverdale of its sin­ners, and since there are A LOT of them, he threat­ens Betty’s loved ones so she can do some of his dirty work. His at­tempts at iso­lat­ing her works, for the most part, though she still has BFF Archie by her side. And while that seems ex­treme, it makes sense. All this while – Jug­head join­ing the Ser­pents to main­tain peace be­tween the North and South sides, and Veron­ica and the Pussy­cats lay­ing a good old-fash­ioned Riverdale beat­ing on city boy Nick St. Clair (could that be a douch­ier name?), who roofied Ch­eryl and was ready to rape her and it was the best episode of the sea­son – maybe Pretty Lit­tle Liars, PLL

Man With a Plan

For those who are still mourn­ing the end of Episodes and need their Matt Leblanc fix ... well, you can al­ways re­watch the Showtime se­ries on Crave TV. Or catch him on Friends on Net­flix. But, hey, if you’re re­ally des­per­ate, Man With a Plan re­turns for its se­cond sea­son on Global and CBS on Mon­day. Yep, you may have thought it was can­celled or per­haps you didn’t even know the show ex­isted for one sea­son, much less an­other, but it’s back.

I know, not ex­actly a ring­ing en­dorse­ment be­cause, ad­mit­tedly, it’s not the worst thing on tele­vi­sion (that would be 9JKL). Man With a Plan fits right in with the rest of Mon­day’s lineup and I pre­sume those who like Kevin Can Wait, Su­pe­rior Donuts and, gag, 9JKL will like this too. Throw in a guest-star­ring ap­pear­ance from Vic­to­ria Jus­tice in the sea­son pre­miere, where she plays the fam­ily’s new babysit­ter who of course has the hots for Adam, and I can hear the laugh track al­ready. who has made Sea­son 13 all kinds of amaz­ing — and, no, it ain’t Car­son Daly (though he does a de­cent job).

On the other hand, Kelly Clark­son, this sea­son’s key ad­vi­sor and coach for next sea­son, has been a dream and I’m more in love with her than Adam and Blake are with each other. The Knock­outs can be bru­tal but she brings a much­needed brevity to this heavy stage of the com­pe­ti­tion. She sings, she dances, she laughs, she cries, she hugs, she swoons, she has chem­istry with all the other judges and she’s fun and funny as hell. Plus, she’s in the unique po­si­tion of know­ing ex­actly what these con­tes­tants are go­ing through, which makes her the per­fect per­son to guide these aspir­ing singers to the place they need to be. I’m call­ing it now — Kelly is win­ning Sea­son 14. You heard it here first.


Kelly Clark­son

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