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Justin Hart­ley, This Is Us OK, it was hard to nar­row it down in an episode as weepy as this, and while the scene between An­nie (Faithe Herman) and Wil­liam (Ron Cephas Jones) just about killed me, and Chrissy Metz’s Kate al­ter­nat­ing between sage sis­ter and shaky fan­girl with guest star Sylvester Stal­lone (who was equally great) were a breath of fresh air but Hart­ley gave his best per­for­mance to date in this episode. As much as Kate strug­gles with Jack’s death, it af­fects Kevin as much, if not, more. The flash­back scenes between Kevin (with his bro­ken leg) and Jack (giv­ing his son the neck­lace he never took off) is likely a fore­shad­ow­ing of why Kevin feels so guilty about his dad’s death. Like if Jack had been wear­ing the talisman he al­ways wore to pro­tect him in­stead of be­ing around his son’s neck, maybe, just maybe ... It ex­plains why Kevin can’t deal with his fa­ther’s death, tak­ing on that blame. As Kevin went from pure ela­tion on the movie set to an­noy­ance and frus­tra­tion was so, so good. You could feel the ir­ri­ta­tion com­ing off him, then lash­ing out at Kate was both heart­break­ing yet un­der­stand­able. That is EX­ACTLY what I thought! As soon as I saw that, I won­dered if that was why Kevin strug­gles so hard with Jack’s death, if he (even more than Kate) blames him­self the way that you do when some­thing trau­matic hap­pens when you are too young to re­ally process it prop­erly. It’s early days but for any­one who felt bad for Hart­ley when the Emmy nom­i­na­tions came out, don’t. Be­cause if Justin keeps giv­ing per­for­mances like this (which he will un­doubt­edly do as Kevin comes to grips with Jack’s death all sea­son long, as well as show he Will & Grace

truly is his fa­ther’s son as he grap­ples with what looks to be his own ad­dic­tion sto­ry­line to tackle), we’ll be see­ing his name on the bal­lot next year.

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