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What is it with power and the sex, lies and ar­ro­gance?

Money is power, and high­pow­ered peo­ple are more likely to take risks, ac­cord­ing to in­fi­delity ex­pert Dr. Bon­nie Eaker Weil. Those who have the most are of­ten will­ing to risk the most.

“Power and risk are repet­i­tive and ad­dic­tive caused by and

con­tribut­ing to fluc­tu­a­tions in mood-stim­u­lat­ing chem­i­cals called neu­ro­trans­mit­ters in our brains,” ar­gues Weil, call­ing it a bio­chem­i­cal crav­ing for con­nec­tion.

“The more pow­er­ful men are, the more risks they take, and the more risks they take, the more pow­er­ful they feel,” says the New York ther­a­pist at doc­tor­bon­nie.

com. Short-term gains win over long-term con­se­quences. “Get­ting away with it makes them feel 10-feet tall... the rush from the risk be­comes all the re­ward they need.”

Weil says the log­i­cal part of the brain ba­si­cally shuts down, leav­ing high po­ten­tial for met­ing out men­tal or phys­i­cal abuse, us­ing ma­nip­u­la­tion with con­trol

and power to in­flict dev­as­tat­ing emo­tional harm on oth­ers.

Thrill-seek­ing, stress-bust­ing and self-med­i­cat­ing quick fixes may pro­vide an en­dor­phin high, she adds, but ul­ti­mately “the very thing that they need to make them feel pow­er­ful is the very thing that will tor­pedo their pub­lic and pri­vate life.”

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