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Light­force DL230 HTX – This eas­ily gets marked down as the “why didn’t I think of that” cat­e­gory. We al­ready knew Aussie based Light­force built some of the best long-dis­tance aux­il­iary lamps in the busi­ness, but now they have just taken for­ward light­ing to the next level. Like most of their lamps, a 70 watt HID bulb within a 170 mm re­flec­tor will reach 1,750 m down the road at 1 LUX. Add to that 20 LED’s that sur­round the outer di­am­e­ter that will flood light in closer con­fines and we feel you have the best of both worlds.


Smit­ty­bilt W.R.A.P. ex­haust re­pair tape – Stand­ing for “Wo­ven Re­pair Ac­tive Pow­er­grip,” this ex­haust wrap al­lows you to make easy re­pairs to cracked ex­haust pipes in the field. The wa­ter-ac­ti­vated heat re­sis­tant WRAP is 100 times stronger than duct tape and will hold ev­ery­thing to­gether un­til you make it home for a proper re­pair.


War­rior Wran­gler Tail­lights – If, like us, you’ve likely smashed out one or two tail­lights in the name of wheel­ing in chal­leng­ing ter­rain - War­rior Prod­ucts has an an­swer. They will be pro­duc­ing these new steel cased Wran­gler tail­lights with in­ter­change­able LED lenses should you hap­pen to hit some­thing re­ally hard.


Torsen LSD – Torsen is now of­fer­ing a Ford 8.8-in, gear driven LSD that can also work as a se­lectable locker and doesn’t re­quire a fric­tion mod­i­fier. If you are look­ing for the best of both worlds in terms of a lock­ing LSD and the strength of a Ford 8.8, take a look at Torsen.

Hol­ley Hy­dra­mat – Fuel star­va­tion is al­ways in the back of the avid off-road­ers mind. The so­lu­tion is to hack to­gether your own in-tank baf­fles or shell out for a surge tank to en­sure your en­gine con­tin­ues to re­ceive fuel when at ex­treme an­gles. The guys over at Hol­ley thought of some­thing much sim­pler, cre­at­ing a fluid re­ten­tive mat that con­nects to your fuel in­take and works like a surge tank. Hy­dra­mats come in sev­eral sizes with ei­ther NPT or AN fit­tings


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