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When talk­ing to those in the trades, chances are they are look­ing at the Big Three full­size truck-mak­ers for their next pur­chase and not the new Honda Ridge­line. How­ever, Honda has taken ad­van­tage of an op­por­tu­nity to make peo­ple think twice about their next truck pur­chase, and it’s all thanks to GM. In their lat­est of ever re­lent­ing shots at Ford and their use of alu­minum, GM staged a com­mer­cial shoot where land­scap­ing stones were dropped from a height of 1.25 m onto the un­pro­tected beds of both a Ford F-150 and Chevro­let Sil­ver­ado. First, we don’t know of any trades­men who use an un­pro­tected bed, but the en­su­ing dam­age showed sev­eral punc­tures and large dents to the F-150. The Sil­ver­ado held up quite a bit bet­ter but still sus­tained a fair bit of dam­age.

The twist in this story is that Honda saw this and fig­ured they would du­pli­cate the test on their new Ridge­line, which fea­tures a com­pos­ite rear bed. With a one-take scene, Honda repli­cated the test yield­ing only a few scratches in the com­pos­ite and not real dam­age. We’re bet­ting GM didn’t see this one com­ing and that they learned a valu­able les­son in karma.

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