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We’re sure that ev­ery­one is fa­mil­iar with Google Street View, the ul­ti­mate creeper fea­ture in Google Maps that al­lows you to see just about any­one’s front yard. Un­for­tu­nately, Street View usu­ally doesn’t go beyond painted lines, so see­ing an un­charted trail has not been avail­able – un­til now.

Well, at least with the Rubicon Trail. The three twits of Top Gear USA fig­ured they would grab a cou­ple 4WDs, plant some 360-de­gree cam­eras on them and map out the iconic Rubicon Trail. De­spite the oblig­a­tory bloop­ers and down­falls, the Top Gear crew man­aged to com­plete the jour­ney and cap­tured 6,000 pho­tos of the route. 2,000 pho­tos have been sent to Google and at the time of writ­ing, 30 im­ages of the trail are up on maps, with more to fol­low.

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