4WDrive - - Install -

Re­move the spare tire and dis­con­nect the third tail light.

Re­move the OEM tire car­rier and the plas­tic hinge cov­ers. Slip a wood shim(s) be­tween the bumper and the tail­gate. Only then re­move the fac­tory hinges with a 13 mm socket from the tail­gate and a T50 torx from the body.

Wipe off any dirt from the body that has ac­cu­mu­lated be­hind the old hinges and tire mount. Ap­ply thread lock and us­ing the stock T50 bolts mount the HD Car­rier to the body. Re­move the rub­ber bump stop clos­est to the hinge with a gen­tle tug.

Close the car­rier and make sure all the bolt holes align, then use the sup­plied new 13 mm M8 bolts in the old hinge holes. Vol­ume 18/6

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