4WDrive - - Install -

Slip the sup­plied rub­ber gas­kets be­tween the tire car­rier and the body and hinge . Then ap­ply a thread lock­ing com­pound to the OEM bolts and bolt the tire car­rier in place. You will have some spac­ers left over as the tire mount can be used with­out the HD Car­rier.

There are three sets of holes in the tire mount. The lower for 33" tires, mid for 35" and the top for 37" di­am­e­ter tires. We pressed the sup­plied wheel studs in the mid­dle for our 35" tires. You can ham­mer them in, which is al­ways sat­is­fy­ing, but press­ing them in makes it less likely they will spin when it’s time to re­move the spare.


- If you don’t have a press, put the stud through the de­sired hole in the ad­justable tire mount, grease the threads of the bolt, place an over­sized nut over the bolt, and then tighten a lug nut onto the bolt. This will draw the bolt into the hole.

At­tach the spare to the tire mount with one bolt and place it on the tail gate assem­bly push­ing the tire against the cast hinge. Mark a line on the mount where it meets the base, then slide the tire from the car­rier and re­move the mount from the tire.

Push the mount on to the car­rier 3-4 mm past your line. The goal is to have the tire snug against the hinge and re­main­ing bump stop when the tire is mounted. Our mount slid all the way in. In­stall the pinch bolts us­ing the spac­ers to­wards the rear of the Jeep.

We used a hack saw to cut the plas­tic third brake light from its sup­port, then two of the orig­i­nal four T20 torx screws to mount it to the sup­plied bracket.

In­stall the spare on to the tire mount us­ing the two spe­cial lug

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