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Right off the shelf from our lo­cal parts store. You can also pur­chase com­plete multi size kits if your wal­let can take the hit. Re­fills are also avail­able.

Best not to throw out the pack­ag­ing as you want to keep all the spares and tools to­gether. The tap is only good for these spe­cific in­serts; same goes for the in­stall tool (the black steel piece on the left, not you)

Start by tak­ing the prop­erly sized drill bit and drilling out the dam­aged threads. If you are not cer­tain of the depth avail­able, don’t drill any deeper then you need to.

With as­sis­tance from some drilling and tap­ping lube, tap the hole as straight as pos­si­ble, as deep as you can with­out caus­ing dam­age. If you are won­der­ing… these are spe­cific “Tap Socket Set” de­signed to at­tach a ratchet to most com­mon square drive taps. Get a set from Lisle tools and thank us later.

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